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Junior Soft Handle Broom

  • Product Code: 2322
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-heavy duty varnished wood handle

-suitable for light sweeping chores

-it is suitable for sweeping soft floors

-the brush is made from durable plastic

-affordable universal sweeping brush


Dosco Junior Soft Broom Handle - Where to use

This great quality broom is suitable for domestic and daily iffice cleaning jobs. Suitable for sweeping soft and polished floors. It can be used for removing spider webs and dirt from the walls. Its light body makes it the ideal sweeping broom for the domestic market. Well priced, very well made and very long lasting. Our company sells many Junior Soft Handle Brooms monthly without any complains. Its soft brush head is made from very durable and soft plastic fibers. 


Dosco Junior Soft Broom Handle - How to use

Most people that buy this quality soft broom are using it for daily dusting and sweeping of wood or polished floors. Its dense brush is the ideal product to collect even the small dust particle from very smooth surfaces. It can be used for dry or wet sweeping. Dosco Junior Soft Broom Handle can be used for soft scrubbing as well. This soft broom s the ideal dust collecting tool if a vacuum is not available.


Dosco Junior Soft Broom Handle 

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