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Washable Hand Scrub

  • A tough little scrubbing brush suitable for all types of surface scrubbing

  • Manufactured from semi hard plastic bristles, available in four colours

  • Highly recommended for the upholstery sofa cleaning business/industry

  • Manufactured from shock resistant and heat resistant plastic components

  • Suitable for day to day domestic use and heavy duty commercial cleaning

  • Machine washable, made from polypropylene head & polyester bristles

  • Low cost, very long lasting, innovative design with chewing gum remover

Washable Hand Scrub - Where to use

Top quality universal hand scrub suitable for scrubbing grout, tiles, fibres, carpets, painted surfaces, etc. Manufactured from polypropylene head and polyester bristle, this brush will last for very long periods of time even when used for heavy duty surface scrubbing. This Washable Hand Scrub is highly appreciated by the upholstery and sofa cleaning industry. Chemical resistant, shock resistant and unaffected by UV light. A proper heavy duty scrubbing brush for all industries. Suitable for domestic and commercial use

Washable Hand Scrub - How To Use

The new Washable Hand Scrub can be used for dry or wet scrubbing and indoor or outdoor cleaning. It is recommended that you use the brush with some kind of cleaning solution to increase efficiency. Apply the cleaning agent all over the surface, allow a few minutes to react & then scrub the whole area with the brush. Apply pressure all over the surface and when satisfied with the results, remove the excess cleaning agent. Repeat the cleaning process a few times if the results are not there after the initial cleaning.

A good Washable Hand Scrub can help you work faster, achieve better results and increase productivity. Check out out our full range of soft and stiff scrubbing brushes. We have the right product for your particular needs. We have small, medium and large hand held brushes.

Washable Hand Scrub

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