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Washable Nail Brush

  • A small but highly efficient universal scrubbing brush suitable for all uses

  • Highly efficient for scrubbing sensitive surfaces or hard to reach areas

  • The ideal nail brush for scrubbing grout, filters, inside cookers, around edges

  • Manufactured from shock resistant and chemical resistant plastic materials

  • It will fit nicely inside your palm and it will enable you to apply great pressure

  • Cheap, efficient, cost effective and suitable for commercial & domestic use

  • Stiff bristles for effective dirt removal, removes dirt from behind or on nails

Washable Nail Brush - Where to use

This highly efficient nail brush was designed for removing dirt from behind or on nails but over the past few years it was adopted by the cleaning industry as well. A fine quality stiff bristle nail brush that can be used for scrubbing grout or narrow areas where the standard hand held brush can`t fit. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it can be used for scrubbing tiles, walls, steel & stainless steel fittings, degreasing car parts, nail cleaning and other types of cleaning. It will stay stiff for very long periods of time even when used in conjunction with harsh chemicals or hot water.

Washable Nail Brush - How to use

Use it with some kind of cleaning product to maximise its potential. Apply the cleaning solution about 5-10 minutes before cleaning to soften up the residue and then use the brush to agitate and separate the dirt. Use a latex or nitrile glove to avoid skin irritation. Repeat the operation a number of times until the desirable results are achieved. The same brush can be used for a number of cleaning projects. This nail brush is available in 4 distinct colours to avoid cross contamination issues.

If you are looking for a small but highly effective nail brush, you should have a look at our amazing Washable Nail Brush. A proper quality stiff brush suitable for scrubbing all surfaces.

Washable Nail Brush

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