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-heavy duty hand held grout cleaning brush

-suitable for commercial & domestic cleaning

-very efficient for cleaning wall tiles grout

-manufactured from chemical resistant plastic

Turn To The Hand Held Grout Brush To Away The Grime

The kitchen, workhorse of the house, handles lots of tasks on a daily basis. In restaurants, fast food joints, and catering businesses, this is basically around the clock. For all the tasty meals that are prepared here, new recipes learnt and memories made, there is one thing that's frustrating about it: the grout. After cooking- and also after the meals, a clean-up naturally follows. You’ll do the dishes, wipe down the surfaces and hang up your tools to dry. However, over time, regardless of the efficacy of the cleaning cloths and liquids, the grout lines keep deteriorating. They change colour, a stark contrast with the rest of the surrounding surfaces. No one likes getting into the kitchen and being greeted with yellowed or discoloured grout. The grease and grime that is absorbed over time makes it an eyesore. Proper cleaning gear- that have been specifically designed for the task, are needed. That's where equipment like the Hand Held Grout Brush comes in. 

Fresh grout is beautiful. It complements the tiles. However, with staining and due to its absorbent nature where it soaks up the liquids that spill on it, things quickly change. Routine cleaning is key to keep your grout from getting damaged. When it begins flaking, and its structure starts to break, with the tiles even coming off, it will call for a complete overhaul of the grout. This kind of damage causes liquids, be they water or chemical spills from everyday activities, to seep into the wall, accelerating the damage. You don’t want things to get to this point. Prevent them from turning out with way by ensuring that you give your grout a thorough clean on a regular basis. This is made easy with the Hand Held Grout Brush. 

Cleaning the Grout

The Hand Held Grout Brush has been designed specifically for this, as is seen with its optimised construction. From its strong bristles that deliver a thorough scrub and are suitably lined to increase the area of contact, while still being gentle on the grout itself to protect it from getting damaged in the process, to the ergonomic handle that enables you to work comfortably, this tool has become a popular choice for grout cleaning. 

Follow these steps when working on your installation:

  1. Start by wiping down the grout. This is to remove the loose surface dirt. You can even use hot water for this. 

  2. Spray the cleaning solution onto the grout. This should be a product that is safe for the adjacent tiles. 

Branded solutions that have been formulated to clean grout are ideal. These tend to come much stronger from the bottle, and need to be diluted before use. There are those which are scented, thus having the welcome benefit of bringing an invigorating aroma into the room. This is preferred over going the DIY route with solutions like vinegar and baking soda, where there are higher risks involved, especially when the solutions are not properly prepared, plus the reaction of the surrounding tiles to the harsh chemicals. 

  1. Allow about 5 minutes’ dwell time for the standard detergents, or the duration indicated in the grout cleaner being used for those working with specialised agents. 

  2. Use the Hand Held Grout Brush to give the grout a thorough scrub. It has been specially designed for carrying out this task. Working with small brushes or even toothbrushes will simply make you take longer on the task., and not to mention require much more energy for the process. You should not use metal brushes for this task. This is because they can easily cause scratches on the tiles and damage the grout. 

  3. Rinse the area and allow it to dry. 

Maintaining the Grout

Occasionally, a grout sealer will need to be applied. The frequency here depends on how much traffic is handed in the establishment, and the rate at which the grout gets worn down. You can have it applied yearly. Note that the grout should be thoroughly cleaned before applying the sealer- you can use the steps above for this. The Hand Held Grout Brush under review will assist you in making your sealed grout fresh and vibrant whenever you clean it. 

Turn To The Hand Held Grout Brush To Away The Grime

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