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-professional quality aerosol dispenser

-build from high quality & durable materials 

-suitable for commercial and domestic 

-easy opening system & easy spray change

-no electricity cables required for this dispenser

-it can be installed with only one screw driver


A Look At The Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100

Everyone wants a fresh smelling home or workplace. You want to enjoy the ambience, as you relax in your living room for some quality time with your family. You want your guests to complement the scent in your home. No one likes working in a kitchen with the smell of hard boiled eggs, or tuna salad, from last night’s dishes hanging in the air. Your dishwasher and fridge might be the source of the musty smells spreading through your home. Then there's also the odour from your toilet and bathroom. You want a product that can assure you of around-the-clock fragrance. That's where the Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100 comes in.  

You also want an invigorating atmosphere at the office for you to work effectively. You employees will be unable to concentrate on their duties, and deliver on their mandate, if the air is filled with stenches emanating from the restroom down the hall. There's also the odour from the food everyone brings over in their lunch bags. Don’t forget smells from the people themselves- whether it’s due to personal hygiene, or its one hot sweaty afternoon at the office. Then there's always that one colleague who has put on too much cologne, and the occasional fellow who lights up a smoke. You also want to be able to provide a refreshing atmosphere where your clients can walk in without having to keep perking up their noses. Use the Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100 achieve your goal for a fresh lovely aroma in your business premises.

7 Reasons Why You Should Invest In The Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100 


1. Enhance the ambience of your air space

The Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100 freshens up the air around you, with the ability to cover a vast area space. You can use it in your living room or kitchen at home, to the reception, lounge and workspace in your office building. 


2. 24/7 aerosol output

You get to freshen up your rooms around the clock with the Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100. You can choose between 12 and 24 hour activation options. The spraying cycles are also based on your preference, and you can decide whether the Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100 will spray an aerosol mist every 8, 15 or 25 minutes. 


3. Long lasting fragrance

The Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100 ensures that you get the most out of your aerosol can. The atomisation of the spray into a fine mist enables it to remain suspended in the air for a long time. You won't have to worry about the aerosol just getting deposited onto the floor. This also increases fragrance distribution, as more of the lovely scent gets spread throughout the room. In case you have an air conditioning unit or fan in your home or establishment, you can install the Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100 next to it. This will increase circulation of the surrounding air, thus enhancing the speed at which the aerosol spreads out in the room. 


4. Bring down your energy bill

It operates using 2 x AA batteries. The Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100 is designed to provide efficient deodorising with minimal power consumption. It comes with the latest "soft spring" valve system that extends your battery life. They can go for even over 3 months without needing to be changed. The Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100 can deliver up to 50,000 metered aerosol sprays. This reduces the amount of money you spend on powering your air control systems.


5. Prevents aerosol theft

No one wants to buy an aerosol can only for a freeloader to make away with it. The Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100 has been designed with security in mind. It is lockable, which prevents aerosol theft from your establishment.


6. All-inclusive package

The Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100 comes with everything you need to get it up and running. Wall fixings, plugs and screws are supplied with the unit to enable you set it up without having to keep rushing out to your local store for parts.


7. Quick set up

The Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100 is easy to put up, and doesn't require any professional experience. It comes with a manual to help guide you in case you get stuck. There's no wiring needed, as the system relies entirely on battery power to deliver the desired metered aerosol output. This also means you are at liberty to install it on any section of the building, since you won't have to follow the electrical lines.


Preventing Odours In Your Home Or Business

Fixing the source of persistent odours in your home will go a long way in enhancing the efficiency of the Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100. Common sources include the bathrooms and plumbing systems. Clean the washrooms regularly. Even if you rarely use the guest bathroom, run the water at least once a week, to stop the smell coming from the sink or shower drain. In case you notice that there is a sour smell coming from only one drain, then the pipe under it might be obstructed. When it's blocked it collects everything, from hair and toothpaste to gel and general soiling. If left for long, it begins to reek. Remove the P-trap (the bend in the pipe) and give it a thorough clean. 


If you're a fan of spicy or fried cooking, then the smells can get ingrained in your cabinets. Wash them using warm water and soap. Sometimes the problem is smoke, especially if one of the household members smokes, or if you've bought a house whose former resident was a smoker. Smoke easily gets embedded in carpets, furniture upholstery, walls and even the air ducts. To remove the set-in odour, give the areas a thorough clean using the recommended cleaning products for the material. You can also hire a professional carpet cleaning service. For urine odour, clean the rug, sofa, tile, etc. where the pet has done its business on. Use a cleaning product that has enzyme cleaners or acidic action that can dissolve and wash away the urine. 


DOs And DON'Ts Of The Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100 


· DO practice good, regular housekeeping (clean surfaces, mop floors, wash the bathroom etc.) to prevent the build-up of gunk, which results in unpleasant odours.


· DO set up the Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100 on a wall that's unobstructed, to enable maximum distribution of the fragrance.


· DON'T install the Bobson Aerosol Dispenser AD100 around other solvents, to prevent the spray from getting into them.


Bobson Aersol Dispenser AD 100 - Professional results for less!

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