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Dolphin Excel Plastic Mini Jumbo Dispenser

  • Product Code: 1769
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  • Dolphin Excel Mini Jumbo Dispenser

    • Heavy duty mini jumbo dispenser from Dolphin

    • Compatible with all standard mini jumbo paper

    • Easy installation, sold with a lock, very durable

    • Highly recommended for commercial bathrooms

    • White, very elegant design, great value for money

    • It comes with a clear view window to check paper

    Dolphin Excel Mini Jumbo Dispenser - Where to use

    By using a quality paper dispenser you avoid wastage and reduce your costs. This paper dispenser can be easily fitted in public bathrooms, school bathrooms, restaurant bathrooms, office bathrooms, etc. It will fit most types of standard mini jumbo toilet rolls. The dispenser can be attached to walls, panels or tiles with a drill. It is sold with a top lock and a key for opening. 

    Dolphin Excel Mini Jumbo Dispenser - How to use

    Use the top lock key to open the top of the dispenser, insert a roll of mini jumbo toilet paper, close the top & the job is done. Mini jumbo rolls are the most cost effective type of toilet paper. Some specially designed toilet rolls might not be compatible with Dolphin Excel Mini Jumbo Dispenser. Keep the key in a safe place.

    People are likely to waste a lot of toilet paper if they can. Some people are very likely to even take it home. You can avoid wasting money on toilet paper by investing in a mini jumbo toilet paper dispenser. The dispenser is fitted with a see through glass so you can check the paper level. It looks good, it does not take up a lot of space and it can be fixed to a wall in a matter of minutes. All Dolphin dispensers are manufactured from premium shock resistant plastic components. One of the most cost effective ways of reducing waste. Try it today.

    Dolphin Excel Mini Jumbo Dispenser 

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