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Dolphin Jumbo Excel Dispenser White

  • Product Code: 2432
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  • heavy duty commercial jumbo roll dispenser

  • manufactured from shock resistant materials

  • it can be screwed to wall, doors, panels, frames

  • supplied with a special key for locking/unlocking

  • beautiful design, cost effective and well priced

  • compatible with all midi and maxi jumbo rolls

Reducing Janitorial Expenses With The Dolphin Jumbo Excel White Dispenser

Toilet roll dispensers come with a myriad of benefits to the washroom environment. Take the hygiene state of the space for instance. They keep the roll from getting contaminated by issues like dust or moisture. You get to avoid having to place the rolls on surfaces like the ledges, cisterns or the floor.  This has the advantage of presenting the space in positive light. Otherwise, there would be a chaotic scene, with toilet paper strewn all over the place. The dispensers bring order to the washroom. Using dispensers also minimises waste. No one really wants to use a toilet paper that was on the floor—and worse still if it has absorbed moisture. Ensuring that the rolls are protected prevents these issues from happening. They are also ideal for cases where space is limited. Mounting the dispenser on the wall makes it a neat arrangement, but remember to consider the amount of available space and the number of visitors that will be accessing the washroom when deciding which type of dispenser to acquire. Here, we'll look at the Dolphin Jumbo Excel White Dispenser and what it has to offer. 

When looking through the different options of toilet dispensers, a couple of factors should be considered. Take the open and enclosed rdesigns for instance. For the open dispensers, they are available at lower prices, but the toilet paper will be more prone to contamination. On the other hand, the enclosed dispensers will have a higher price tag in comparison, but they will be more sanitary to have around. The capacity also matters. The size of the roll that can be held within it will determine the level of maintenance that will be required. With the dispenser material, there are mainly two categories of products: plastic and metal models. The plastic units are easy to clean and come in a multitude of colours, that way you can select the one that is particularly suited to the establishment. They are also resistant to scratching, and tend to be made with durable polypropylene or even ABS plastic material. Additional attributes such as the security features are also considered, given that theft of toilet rolls is a prevalent issue. Let’s break down what you can expect from the Dolphin Jumbo Excel White Dispenser:

What The Dolphin Jumbo Excel White Dispenser Brings On Board

Traditional setups—where the toilet paper rolls were left exposed or on surfaces, made them prone to theft. One could easily sneak a fresh new roll into their bag and walk out the restroom, forcing your janitorial team to replace it. The high turnover due to these theft cases makes quite the dent on the building’s janitorial budget, especially in establishments that witness high levels of footfall. The design of the wall-mounted Dolphin Jumbo Excel White Dispenser prevents this theft from happening. It comes with a lockable design. This limits access to the whole roll to just the persons with the key, which is the designated janitorial crew. When the roll gets depleted, the dispenser is unlocked and restocked with a new one, before it's then locked again. Everyday users will only have access to the sheets of ply being pulled out, so you won’t have to worry about making losses due to unscrupulous individuals who would have desired to take off with the toilet roll supplies that you have purchased for your establishment. 

When selecting a dispenser, the toilet paper holder size is critical. Each unit has a "roll size" that it has been designed to fit. This looks at the diameter of the roll, including the paper and the core. This is what distinguishes whether a roll has been categorised as "standard" or "jumbo".  Each has its target location. The standard toilet paper dispensers will fit the standard size of toilet rolls. These are particularly suited to the lower traffic establishments—like homes, hotel rooms or small and intimate establishments, or those locations where there is limited space. However, these have a lower capacity. On the other hand, the jumbo toilet paper dispensers are designed for the jumbo size paper rolls, hence the name. They come with a higher capacity, and are thus suited to the high traffic establishments. 

This unit holds one jumbo roll, with a maximum roll size of 310 mm. This is far much more convenient than the standard rolls, and establishments like office buildings, gas stations, airports, schools and public institutions get to benefit from installing the high capacity toilet paper fixtures. It reduces the workload of the janitorial staff, as there will be fewer restocking required, and ensures that the persons using the washrooms have a more dependable experience.  

Aesthetics also comes into play here, where the white dispenser blends with the bathroom in which it has been installed. After all, you want the clients and employees in your facility to have a positive image about the establishment. When it comes to toilet paper, this includes ensuring that the rolls selected have a quality ply construction, there is sufficient supply—especially during peak hours, and that the environment itself is appealing. The Dolphin Jumbo Excel White Dispenser contributes to this, improving the overall experience for the persons on the premises. 

Save on costs

The Dolphin Jumbo Excel White Dispenser brings you savings in different ways. Firstly, it has a durable construction. That way, the installation gets to last for long. Secondly, it protects the toilet paper held within it from moisture, minimising wastage of the rolls, consequently ensuring that your resources are prudently spent. With its rounded top, there won’t be an issue of people using it as a shelf, thus avoiding unnecessary damage that would have ensued, which also prolongs its life. This gives you more value for your buck. Then there are the actual costs that are incurred when purchasing it. Here, the Dolphin Jumbo Excel White Dispenser comes with a budget-friendly price, while ensuring that you are making a quality purchase that will meet your establishment’s needs. 

Reducing Janitorial Expenses With The Dolphin Jumbo Excel White Dispenser

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