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Cobweb Duster

  • Interchange cobweb duster suitable for commercial & residential cleaning

  • Compatible with an interchange handle & also with all Ettore Reach Poles

  • The perfect tool for dusting walls, pipes and all hard to reach & access areas

  • Great for dusting and removing cobwebs from all vertical surfaces / walls

  • Manufactured from rust proof materials and semi hard plastic bristles/fibers

  • The ideal tool for cleaning office walls, air conditioners, pipes, window sills

  • The shape of the cobweb duster can be changed to fit your project requirements

  • It can be attached to an aluminum extension pole to reach the highest areas

  • It can be used for indoor and outdoor projects & for wet or dry cleaning jobs

  • A very basic tool that will enable you to achieve spectacular results in no time

Cobweb Duster - Why use

If you are involved in a warehouse cleaning or a commercial cleaning project where part of the job includes dusting the walls and all the pipes, then you will really benefit from this amazing Cobweb Duster. This basic tool will enable you to reach the highest areas where otherwise you would have had to use a cherry picker or some kind of hoist to be able to reach. It reduces the time needed to dust hard to reach areas and it makes the job safer. The same cobweb duster is also a great tool for removing dust & cobwebs from busy offices and areas with constant traffic where using noisy vacuums is not possible. A low cost but highly efficient cobweb duster suitable for all kinds of commercial, industrial and residential cleaning projects.

Cobweb Duster - Where to use

The new Cobweb Duster is a professional brush head fitted with semi hard bristle fibers capable of scrubbing dust particles and cobwebs from walls and high areas. The new Cobweb Duster is highly popular with the professional office cleaning industry, once off cleaning industry & even with the residential market. The new Cobweb Duster can be used safely on brick walls, painted walls, all types of stainless steel surfaces and painted walls, frames, aluminum furniture & fittings, without the risk of scratching the surfaces or leaving black markings. The brush is soft enough to be flexible and fit in all narrow corners but hard enough to scrub the surface well. Just fit the new  Cobweb Duster with a handle and you are ready for work. It will work well with an interchange handle from SYR but it is also compatible with all Ettore Reach Poles. The standard interchange handle will enable the user to dust low levels and residential projects, while the Ettore poles will enable the user to reach as high as 7.5 meters. 

Cobweb Duster - How to use

Assess the height of your project and select the most appropriate handle. If the area that you plan to dust is narrow and hard to reach, no need to worry. The new Cobweb Duster can be shaped in any shape you want. While cleaning the top of the pipes you can use an L shape system that will enable you to safely reach the top of the pipes. If you are dusting walls, then you can create a T shape to make your Cobweb Duster more efficient. The new Cobweb Duster is capable of removing dust residue and cobwebs. Heavy duty dirt and greasy pipes might require a different level of cleaning. Make sure to wear a face mask while dusting pipes and walls to avoid breathing in dust particles.

Speed up your cleaning process, work faster and more efficiently with the new Cobweb Duster. An innovative cleaning tool that will enable you to also work risk free (no more lifting equipment or ladders needed). We also sell a wide range of professional dusters from the Ettore range. While the new Interchange Cobweb Duster is great for commercial & industrial cleaning, for some extremely sensitive surfaces a much softer cobweb duster might be required. Check out the full range of dusters on our website.

Cobweb Duster | Innovative Tools At Your Disposal

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