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Dust Frame

  • Brand: Ramon
  • Product Code: SM801
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Dust Frame

  • Heavy duty dusting frame compatible with all sweeper head mops

  • Manufactured from industrial steel and shock resistant plastic frame

  • Compatible with all Hygiene Mop Handles & all wood mop handles

  • Ergonomic, versatile, very long lasting & designed to fit in all spaces

  • Suitable for commercial, industrial and residential cleaning

  • Available in 40 cm, 60 cm and 80 cm sizes, covers large floor areas

  • The ideal floor tool for dusting floors before being wet washed/cleaned


Dust Frame - Where to use

Mopping a very dusty floor is not a good idea and will only mess up the floor even worse. You will need to use some kind of floor cleaning equipment to de-dust the surface before washing it with a wet cleaning solution. Try our new dust frame and increase your productivity while reducing the amount of time needed to clean. Our professional Dust Frame is suitable for domestic floor dusting, commercial floor dusting and industrial floor dusting projects. Safe to use on smooth surfaces and also on uneven surfaces. Use the new Dust Frame to remove dust from concrete floors, marble floors, terrazzo floors, all plastic floors, wood floors, laminate floors and other types of hard floors. From time to time wash the sweeper head to get rid of the fine dust particles within the fibre of the duster.

Dust Frame - How to use

The Dust Frame is available in 3 different sizes to fit all industries. For smaller domestic and light commercial floors you should use the 40-60 cm Dust Frame while for larger commercial & industrial jobs you should be using the large 80 cm Dusting Frame. Join the dusting head with the frame and you are ready to work. Start from one corner of the building and move along all the way to the other end. You can create a small pile of dust in the corner that can be disposed of at a later stage. Do not dust wet surfaces or greasy surfaces. 

Check out our new Dust Frame. Work faster and better with professional cleaning tools & equipment. 

Dust Frame

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