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Dust Pan & Brush Set

  • Brand: Ramon
  • Product Code: 8599B
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Dust Pan & Brush Set


-professional quality dust pan & brush (soft)

-suitable for domestic & commercial cleaning

-very light, soft brush, very affordable, durable

-very popular with the office cleaning business

-manufactured from chemical resistant plastic

Quality And Performance With The Dust Pan & Brush Set (Soft)

Are you looking for a dust pan and brush that reduces your workload and gives a return in value for the amount you spend? Units that are durable enough to withstand the demand for frequent cleaning in order to last you for long? You get that with the Dust Pan & Brush Set (Stiff). 

Efficient dirt collection

With the bonded rubber strip of the Dust Pan & Brush Set (Stiff), you get to ensure that the dirt is collected without leaving behind those cumbersome lines and piles that are typical of the conventional units. All of it is collected at a go, speeding up the dusting process, and making it a breeze. What’s more, the serrated edge enables you to scrape off the dirt that gets trapped within the bristles of the brush. 

Working with the dust pan and brush, you are also able to work on those areas where it would be inconvenient to keep hauling out the vacuum. Instead of keeping on dealing with the bulky equipment, setting it up and plugging it in whenever you have food crumbs or cereal getting spilled, simply grab the Dust Pan & Brush Set (Stiff) and resolve the issue. This also comes in handy when you’re trying to be quiet and subtle. You don’t want to keep disrupting guests in your home or clients in your business premises by turning on the loud vacuum cleaner. You may be dealing with a mess at the breakfast table, or a late-night snack that went spilling all over the floor. The dust pan and brush is ideal for getting rid of the messes without creating a fracas. This also has the welcome benefit of reducing the energy consumption within the building, by saving on the electricity that would have been spent on running the vacuum for all those instances.

In line with your colour coded cleaning scheme

These systems focus on hygienic cleaning practices. In order to prevent cross contamination between the different areas in a building, the tools are designated to specific zones, based on their colour. This is with the various types of equipment, from the cloths, mops and brushes, to their accompanying mop buckets and dust pans. For instance, you can have a setup where red- which is usually associated with warning signs for hazardous situations, is designated to the toilet and washroom area. Here, the red cleaning tools are used for this specific region, and are not mixed with the other equipment in your cleaning arsenal. For the yellow ones, they can be used on the washroom areas that have a lower risk, such as around the sink. That way they get separated from the rest of the equipment being used on the toilet and washroom floors. Green is often taken to be the designation for kitchens, bars and other areas where food is being handled. Blue gets applied for the general low-risk zones of the building. These are not fixed rules. You can set up your colour coded system as you see fit, and ensure that the cleaning staff are well versed on it. Being a visual system, it will be easy to grasp. 

Tips For Working With The Dust Pan & Brush Set (Soft)

  • In case you’re cleaning up pieces of broken glass, ensure that you maintain a safe distance from the fragments. Should the floor be hard, you can pour some water onto the area and sweep up the remaining glass fragments into the dust pan. Take particular care not to step on these shards, and remember to dispose of the glass appropriately. You can wrap it up in sheets of old newspaper before tossing it into the bin. 

  • Using the Dust Pan & Brush Set (Stiff) to remove the left-over crumbs and dirt from the kitchen floor-and other surfaces in general- will reduce the frequency with which you will need to bring out the vacuum cleaner. 

  • Occasionally-perhaps once a week- use the Dust Pan & Brush Set (Stiff) to sweep up the hairs and dust that are on your tiled bathroom floor.

  • Wash the Dust Pan & Brush Set (Stiff) at least twice a month. This will keep your unit hygienic. Remember to allow it to fully air dry before you store it.  

  • The Dust Pan & Brush Set (Stiff) is ideal for cleaning up dry messes. When you’re dealing with wet or sticky substances, they will end up getting caught in the fibres of the brush. 

Quality And Performance With The Dust Pan & Brush Set (Soft)

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