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Blik Microfiber Pocket Mop

  • Replacement flat mop head for the new Blik Bio Cleaning Tool

  • Compatible with most 40 cm pocket flat mopping heads/systems

  • Manufactured from heavy duty shock resistant plastic components

  • Chemical resistant, suitable for heavy duty commercial cleaning

  • The mopping system will open in half to fit the pocket mop head

  • Light, ergonomic, very durable, 40 cm long, highly cost effective

Blik Microfiber Pocket Mop - Where to use

Blik Microfiber Pocket Mop is the replacement mop head for the amazing Blik Bio Cleaning Tool. It is compatible with all 40 cm pocket floor pads and it can be used on wet floors or dry floors. Superb chemical resistance, manufactured from shock resistant plastic and known to last for many years. Highly popular with the healthcare industry, offices, shops, gyms, etc. It can be used for washing all types of polished or unpolished floors, wood floors, laminate floors, marmoleum floors, amtico floors, natural stone floors, concrete floors, terrazzo floors, etc. One flat mop head for all your floors. Reach all hard to reach areas with this amazing system.

Blik Microfiber Pocket Mop - How to use

Pull the holding pin out, remove the old broken flat mop, place the new flat mop in and put the safety pin on. Job completed. Insert the pocket mop inside the pocket flat mop head and you are ready to wash your floor. The new Blik Microfiber Pocket Mop is also compatible with Hygiene Mop Head or most types of wooden handles if you prefer washing the floor without the Blik Bio Cleaning Tool.

Use professional quality floor cleaning tools and equipment to increase your productivity and reduce your workload. Check out our amazing range of flat mopping systems and microfiber cleaning pads. Place your order online today and receive your goods within 48 hours.

Blik Microfiber Pocket Mop

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