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EMR80 Light Blue and Red 11.5 x 47 cm Velcro System

  • Brand: Microfiber
  • Product Code: 0379
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-high quality microfiber flat mop head designed for light scrubbing

-it will fit all types of flat mopping system with velcro attachment back

-suitable for daily cleaning & light scrubbing of all types of flooring

-this floor pad is made from very absorbent microfiber materials

-suitable for cleaning polished & un-polished floors & washable paint

-it will increase the spped of cleaning and it will make cleaning easier

-this microfiber flat mop head can be washed up to 3000 times


Microfiber Flat Mop Head


Microfiber Flat Mop Head Guide

Floor cleaning doesn’t have to be a daunting process. It doesn't have to seem like you're simply going through the motions instead of actually cleaning. All you need is a cleaning product that will effectively eliminate the dirt and grime from your surface, and be actually easy to use. That's where the microfiber flat mop head comes in. You no longer have to dread your cleaning days, or break your budget buying loads of cleaning agents to get rid of the soiling on your floor. Floor cleaning is now a luxury. This innovative tool has brought on a new age of efficiency and cost reduction throughout the cleaning industry. What can the microfiber flat mop head do for you? 


8 Benefits Of The Microfiber Flat Mop Head

1. Efficient cleaning

You want to spend as little time as possible cleaning your floor. The large area coverage of the microfiber flat mop head means you get to cover more expanse with one sweep. You won't also have to keep wringing the mop, so you expend less time and energy on your cleaning routine. In addition, the mop head can easily reach those tough areas- like under furniture or corners. The absorbent nature of the mop head ensures the floor is only left damp. This reduces the drying time and reduces the risk of slip-accidents. 


2. Effectively cleans

The microfiber is designed to trap and hold soiling. It picks up all kinds of dirt, from dust particles, pet hair and pet dander to shed skin cells, pollen and even food residue. In addition, you no longer have to worry about smearing dirt all over the floor as you mop. It works for light cleaning and heavy soiling. The microfiber flat mop head also doesn't slap the walls of your house with cleaning agents. 


3. Cost effective

The microfiber flat mop head is highly absorbent. In fact, it can hold 10 times its own weight in water. This cuts down on the amount of cleaning product you use, giving you more savings in your budget.


4. Disinfects your floor

The microfibers are so miniscule that they lift microbes like bacteria and viruses off the floor. These tiny organisms are usually left behind by other products such as cotton mops. This unique feature has seen the microfiber flat mop head become a priority cleaning product in healthcare and education facilities. It works across the scope- from heavy duty industries and processing plants to commercial facilities and the very heart of your home.


5. Versatile

The microfiber flat mop head can be used for both wet and dry cleaning. The wet use refers to when you're using it together with cleaning agents. Ensure that the agents you use are compatible with your floor type. Dry use refers to procedures like dusting.


6. Durable

You want a product that you won't have to keep replacing every now and then. One of the biggest issue with string mops is that they are highly susceptible to breakages especially due to the effort applied when wringing out the water. The microfiber flap mop head ensures you get a value return for your purchase. You can use it for years, since it's made from wear-resistant material. It stands up to tough jobs and repeated laundering. It even lasts up to 10 times longer than conventional cotton products. It's so durable that you can machine wash it over 400 times. 


7. Prevents cross contamination

The microfiber flat mop heads come in different colours. This enables you to colour code them for different sections of the premises, or for different rooms- like one for the kitchen, another for the living room, a different one for the bathroom, etc. This removes the risk of spreading pathogens between different locations.


8. Environmentally friendly

Nowadays cleaning and environmental concern go hand in hand. You want a sparkling floor, and you also want to reduce your green footprint. The microfiber flat mop had reduces the amount of chemical cleaner you use on your floor. This also means you can stop relying on harmful cleaning agents. This is particularly beneficial for home owners with kids and pets crawling over the floor surfaces frequently. It's not just about Mother Nature. Since the microfiber flat mop head holds onto the dirt particles, you won't have to worry about any dust or allergens being raised into the atmosphere each time you clean, thus ensuring your indoor air quality.


How To Use The Microfiber Flat Mop head

This depends on your application procedure. You can use the microfiber flat mop head with a bucket and flat mop, or use a spray mop system. Follow these steps to get the dirt and grime off your floor:


With a bucket and flat mop:

1. Fill the bucket with the cleaning solution.

2. Soak the microfiber flat mop head in the cleaning solution.

3. Attach it to the flat mop. Its velcro back makes it easily attachable.

4. Clean your floor.


You can soak a couple of mop heads in the bucket, especially if you're working on many rooms and huge floor areas. For this, you’ll need an extra bucket to keep the dirty mop heads in. Once you’re done cleaning with one mop head, simply detach it and put it in the extra bucket. Take a clean mop head from the bucket with the cleaning solution, attach it to the mop, and continue cleaning.


With a spray mop:

1. Dampen the microfiber flat mop head with the cleaning solution or water.

2. Attach the microfiber flat mop head to the spray mop.

3. Squirt a mist of cleaning product on the area in front of the mop.

4. Clean the floor

When mopping, it's advised that you use the figure 8 technique. It works for all mop types. The traditional method of walking behind the mop and pushing the dirt into a corner is not effective.


Microfiber Flat Mop Head Maintenance Tips

· Don't expose it to high temperatures. Too much heat will break down the nylon component in the microfiber flat mop head, which will ruin its effectiveness. It's advised that you should not wash the mop heads in temperatures exceeding 200oF (93oC). The drying temperature should also not exceed 140o F (60oC). In fact, it’s best to air dry.


· Do not wash the microfiber flat mop head together with materials that have lint. It will pick up the lint and become ineffective in cleaning. 


· The microfiber material is very sturdy, and only a few chemicals can harm it. Top on the harmful list is acids. Avoid them. Check the warning label of the laundry detergent. If it says it can harm plastic, don't use it with the microfiber flat mop head.


Microfiber Flat Mop Head

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