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Foam Filled Microfibre Mop 40 Cm | Velcro

  • Brand: Ramon
  • Product Code: 8920B
  • Availability: 100

Foam Filled Microfiber Mop 40 Cm

  • Excellent performance and great dirt absorption guaranteed

  • Suitable for daily floor cleaning, floor maintenance & polishing

  • Compatible with all 40 cm velcro frames from all manufacturers

  • Can be machine washed, durable and highly cost effective

  • Suitable for light & medium duty residential & commercial use

  • Colour coded to prevent cross contamination in high risk areas

  • Manufactured from fine quality microfiber fibers and fine foam

  • It will not lose its shape even after constant use and washing

  • The pad is also great for applying water based polishes/sealers

  • Safe to use on wood, laminates, tiles, plastic floors, amtico, etc

Foam Filled Microfiber Mop 40 Cm - Why use it

The new Foam Filled Microfiber Mop 40 Cm is a low cost but high quality microfiber cleaning pad suitable for daily cleaning and maintenance of all types of floors. The same pad can also be used for polishing and applying refreshers to all types of floors. It behaves like the expensive microfiber floor pads but without the price tag. This pad is in high demand with floor polishing contractors because of its high absorbency, it's even sealant distribution and its sharp corners that enables the user to fit into all narrow areas and all sharp corners.

Foam Filled Microfiber Mop 40 Cm - Where to use 

Universal floor cleaning and floor polishing microfiber pad compatible with all types of sealed and unsealed floors. This low cost microfiber floor pad is in high demand with commercial and domestic users. Because the back of the pad is colour coded, the pad can also be used in areas with high risk of cross contamination. Simply select a tag colour for a particular area and remove the rest of it. Highly recommended for cleaning and maintaining laminate flooring, tile flooring, natural stone flooring, marmoleum flooring, lino flooring, vinyl flooring, concrete flooring, amtico flooring, etc. If you are looking for a low price microfiber cleaning pad to clean & polish pretty much all types of flooring, then check out the new Foam Filled Microfiber Mop 40 Cm.

Foam Filled Microfiber Mop 40 Cm - How to use

To be able to use the new Foam Filled Microfiber Mop 40 Cm you will need a velcro frame of about 35-40 cm. Attach the microfiber pad to the velcro frame and you are ready to go. The pad can be used with cold or hot cleaning solution, with water based floor sealers & oil refreshers as well. You can use a special mop bucket compatible with a flat mopping system or you can just soak the flat mop in the cleaning solution and then use it to wash or polish the floor surface. The new Foam Filled Microfiber Mop 40 Cm can also be used for deep cleaning and maintaining glass panels & windows. Remember to wash the pad after you are done with it to avoid mixing up chemicals with floor polishes. You can manually wash it in warm water or you can use a washing machine.

This is a low cost microfiber floor pad that will enable you to work fast and cheap. Business is all about making a profit, to do this you need to use durable and cost effective tools and equipment. Check out the new Foam Filled Microfiber Mop 40 Cm today. You can order the pads individually or you can order it bulk. We are happy to provide you with our bulk prices assuming that the right quantities will be ordered. Our pads are manufactured by Ramon Hygiene. Top quality cleaning equipment for affordable prices.

Foam Filled Microfiber Mop 40 Cm

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