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Alfred Spray Mop

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Alfred Spray Mop

  • Top quality professional spray mop compatible with most types of floors

  • The kit contains the spray mop, 1 flat mop head and 1 L of cleaner

  • You can order 1L of tile, wood, laminate, ceramic or oiled floor cleaner

  • The product is highly concentrated and known to last for many months

  • No more buckets, no more mop heads and no more chemicals

  • The mop head is very versatile and it can fit under the beds & furniture

  • Suitable for all kinds of residential floor cleaning and light commercial use

  • The mop head is machine washable and extra pads can be ordered online

  • The cleaning product has to be diluted inside the cartridge : 1 to 50 ratio

  • One mop for all | Swap the cleaning product and wash another type of floor

  • The mop will spray a fine mist of cleaning product onto the floor in the front of the pad

  • It will clean quickly and easily, leaves no residue or streaks

  • Manufactured from rust proof and chemical safe heavy duty components

Alfred Spray Mop | Why Use It

While most types of spray mops available on the open market are designed for a particular type of floor or are sold with no cleaning product, the new Alfred Spray Mop is a totally different system. This particular spray mops allows the buyer to select their own concentrated cleaning product when buying the spray mop. If you own vinyl floors or porcelain floors, you can select a concentrated porcelain floor cleaner and a concentrated vinyl cleaner. When done washing the porcelain, just refill the cartridge with porcelain floor cleaner and move along. The spray mop is light, very versatile and very easy to use. All the cleaning products that are available for this mop are highly concentrated. 

Laminates | Oiled Floors | Varnished Floors | Porcelain | Vinyl | Amtico | Lino | Marble | Ceramic

Alfred Spray Mop | Where To Use It

The new Alfred Spray Mop is the perfect spray mop for all types of floors. It does not matter if you own sealed or unsealed wood floors, it does not matter if you own highly polished marble floors or dull looking natural stone floors, it does not matter if you own glossy or matt laminates. The new Alfred Spray Mop is compatible with all of them. It can be used for all residential floor cleaning and also for light commercial floor cleaning. Due to its amazing versatility, this mop will fit in all narrow corners, under your sofa and it can be used to clean stairs as well. One of the best manufactured and the smartest designs available on the market right now. 

Alfred Spray Mop | How To Use It

The first step is to select your cleaning product. Chimiver has a number of cleaning products for all types of floors. If you have oiled floors, then you select the oil floor cleaner, if you have ceramic floors, then just select the ceramic floor cleaner. Open the cartridge, fill up the cartridge with 90% water and 10% cleaning solution. Put the cartridge back on the spray mop and you are ready to go. When the cartridge is empty, repeat the operation. 1 cartridge full of cleaning product should last for at least 1 week of daily cleaning. 

***do not use oiled floor cleaner on a porcelain floor. The floor will not get damaged but the oiled floor cleaner contains a number of waxes and enhancers that can make your porcelain or laminate floors slippery***

When ordering the spray mop the system will ask you to select a cleaning product for your spray mop. 1 bottle of 1L is included.  For oiled floors, select the oiled floor cleaner, for varnished floors, select the varnished floor cleaner, for all plastic floors, select the LVT cleaner, for ceramic & porcelain floors, select ceramic cleaner.

The microfiber flat mop head is designed for heavy use and is machine washable. Additional pads can be ordered online. 

Alfred Spray Mop | Recommendations

Store the mop in a safe place away from children. Do not wash your floors with a dirty flat mop head. Do not mix up a number of cleaning products. All Chimiver floor cleaning products are highly concentrated and residue free. Please respect the recommended dilution rate to avoid creating sticky floors. Overusing the cleaning product will not increase its cleaning efficiency. Do not spray the cleaning product on sockets or electrical appliances. Do not wash your floors non stop. Once or twice per day is more than enough. All Chimiver cleaning products are “eco” labelled and safe.

Alfred Spray Mop | The Floor Cleaning Kit You Were Always Looking For!

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