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15" Melamine Pad

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-professional melamine cleaning pad

-amazing shine without chemicals

-low & high speed buffer compatible

-innovative chemical free cleaning

-suitable for commercial and domestic

Give Your Floor A Thorough Clean With The 15" Melamine Pad

When taking care of your porous floor, you want to remove the soiling that’s ingrained in the surface. While the nature of these floors enables them to have superb traction properties and thus prevent slip-and-fall accidents, the pores end up accumulating dirt and moisture quicker compared to non-porous floors. This does not mean that they have to remain this way. After all, the grime takes away the beauty of the floor, and you want to have elegant living and working conditions. The 15" Melamine Pad comes in to provide fast and effective cleaning action on these floors.

The 15" Melamine Pad is suitable for use on VCT, terrazzo, tile, concrete and even brick floors. The open cell structure of the pad allows it to penetrate that micro-porous surface, and remove the dirt without posing a risk to the structure of the floor. In fact, it’s so effective that you only need to use it with water as the lubricant. The scrubbing action of the pad while it is used with the single-disc machines or scrubber dryer is effective enough to meet the daily and periodic cleaning needs. Certainly, you can still opt to incorporate cleaning agents into the process. Here, ensure you use products that are compatible with the particular type of floor, and follow the instructions on the product label when preparing the solution to add to the scrubber dryer, or other machine that you are using.

Obtain A Brighter Clean

With the 15" Melamine Pad, you do more than just clean the floor. You also get to restore the shine to the surface. This is because it removes scratches, scuff marks and those infamous black heel marks that could be ruining the appearance of your floor. The gloss level that is attained at the end of the process depends on your personal needs, and is dictated by how many passes you make on the floor.

Scrubbing the tile and grout using the 15" Melamine Pad allows you to restore them without having to turn to harsh chemicals. This also makes it a green cleaning process, since it poses no risk to the biodiversity in your establishment or the environment as a whole. Since you won’t need to rely on chemical agents for the cleaning, or the laborious brush-techniques, you also get to reduce your overall cleaning costs. The durability of the product provides you with extended usage with each 15" Melamine Pad, thus accruing you more savings.

15" Melamine Pad

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