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17" Melamine Pad

  • Brand: Ramon
  • Product Code: 440320
  • Availability: 8

17" Melamine Pad

-premium 17” melamine buffing pads

-low cost floor cleaning & buffing system

-professional results with little effort

-high and low speed floor cleaning system

-no chemicals needed for cleaning

Fast Cleaning Action With The 17" Melamine Pad

When it comes to floor care, the 17" Melamine Pad has been designed to reduce costs, enhance performance and improve sustainability. How does it achieve this?

With the cost, cleaning contractors can attest that one of the aspects that gobble up most funds is the labour involved. Floor care is a taxing process, and plenty of elbow grease goes into it. However, with the 17" Melamine Pad, you get to cover more area, in less of the time, and at a fraction of the effort that you would have employed with conventional measures- be they mop-bucket systems or even grabbing a brush to scrub the floor. The pads are attached to units like single disc machines and scrubber dryers, and this, coupled with the abrasive action of the 17" Melamine Pads being passed over the floor, dislodges the dirt and grime. This can then be removed with a wet vacuum- while with the scrubber dryers the extraction is done simultaneously, that way you get to save on more time.

The cleaning action that is provided by the 17" Melamine Pad is so effective such that you don’t need to incorporate detergents and other agents into the process. Water will suffice, and its main role is to provide lubrication during the scrubbing. This means you make more savings in your establishment’s cleaning and maintenance budget. It also makes it an eco-friendly process, as you get to avoid harsh cleaners that would have posed risks to the biodiversity in your premises and increased your carbon footprint. From daily, routine and deep cleaning, to removing scuff marks while polishing the surface- the 17" Melamine Pad is up to the task. The pad has also been designed to be compatible with the cleaning products in case you choose to use them for the process- like to increase the efficiency of breaking down those greasy spots and dissolving stains as you go about with the cleaning.

The 17" Melamine Pad also comes with enhanced durability. Made using high-strength melamine foam, it can be used on 1000m² of surface when working with single disc machines, and clock 10000m² when use with scrubber dryers. The pads themselves can be used in both wet and dry conditions. The durability of the 17" Melamine Pad means that you make more savings down the road, since each unit product provides you with extended usage- all while maintaining a consistent delivery of results. With the uniform mineral distribution, issues like machine wobbling and vibration are resolved, thus reducing operator fatigue.

17” Melamine Pads

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