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17" Red Floor Pads

  • Brand: Ramon
  • Product Code: 2019
  • Availability: 92

17" Red Floor Pads

-high performance quality 17" red floor pads

-recommended for very high speed polishing

-suitable to use on all types of polished floors

-not suitable for scrubbing or applying sealants

-the red pad needs to be used for dry polishing

-made from very high quality & durable products


17" Red Floor Pads - Where to use

The red floor pads are designed for polishing all types of floors. This high quality floor pad is built from very soft  materials and it has no scrubbing power at all. It will enhance the look of any type of sealed floor if used with the right polishing equipment. Suitable for polishing amtico floors, marmoleum floors, lino floors, vinyl floors, travertine floors, terracotta floors,marble floors, wood floors, etc. It will only work on sealed floors. For polishing natural unsealed stone floors please use the white floor pad. The red pad was designed for use with very high speed floor buffers starting from 400 RPM up to 1500 RPM.


17" Red Floor Pads - How to use

Just make sure that the area that you plan to polish, is clean and dust free. If any type of small particles will get trapped between the floor and the pad, it will scratch the floor. Wash the floor a few times, hoover up the floor and when the floor is 100% dry, start buffing the floor with the red pad. Higher the speed, better the results. The pad wil polish the floor to a mirror-like effect. The 17" red floor pad cannot be used  for wet polishing. Make sure that you polish the whole floor without missing patches. By polishing the floor with the 17" red floor pad, you will heat the floor and you will get rid of all the imperfections and markings. More you buff the floor, the better it will look.


17" Red Floor Pads - Safety

Just make sure that you will only buff clean floors. Keep an eye on the buffer electrical cable and stay about 5 cm away from skirting. Buff the floor even and do not drag heavy items on the newly polished floor.

Our company is here to help you out. If you are not sure about how to scrub or polish your floors, please give us a call. We are happy to help you out and advise you.

17" Red Floor Pads - outstanding results for less!

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