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iafil American Diam 100 MM | Velcro

  • Premium quality 100 MM diamond floor pads with velcro back

  • Compatible with all low speed floor buffers fitted with a pad holder

  • The pads are available in 30, 60, 120, 400, 800, 1800 & 3500 grit 

  • To be used with a low speed floor buffer on a wet stone surface

  • Recommended for marble, terrazzo, concrete & all natural stones

  • Much more durable than the classic diamond impregnated pads

  • Suitable for heavy duty industrial and commercial floor polishing

  • It can be used for removing scratches and achieving high gloss

  • Also compatible with an edging or an worktop polishing machine

  • 100 MM size, velcro back, highly cost effective and color coded

  • Compatible with flat surfaces only or surfaces with narrow grout

Diafil American Diam 100 MM | Velcro | Why Use It

The new Diafil American Diam 100 MM | Velcro are much more durable and much more aggressive than the standard diamond floor pads. Being manufactured from pure diamond particles, it means that it removes scratches faster, it creates sheen faster and it is much more cost effective. The pads are very durable and usually a full set pays for itself within 1-2 jobs. The new Diafil American Diam 100 MM | Velcro is highly recommended for large commercial floors or even for large domestic natural stone floor restoration services. It can be used with a standard floor buffer and also with a worktop polishing machine. One set of diamond floor pads for all kinds of natural stone polishing.

Diafil American Diam 100 MM | Velcro | Where To Use It

The new Diafil American Diam 100 MM | Velcro are compatible with all natural stone floors and also with terrazzo floors and concrete floors. The pads are great for removing imperfections, dull patches, deep scratches & also for enhancing the sheen. The new Diafil American Diam 100 MM | Velcro are compatible with indoor and outdoor natural stone polishing projects. It is essential to use the new Diafil American Diam 100 MM | Velcro on a wet surface. Not compatible with high speed burnishers.

Diafil American Diam 100 MM | Velcro | How To Use It

Assess the project requirements and select the most appropriate grit for your particular needs. Starting with a too aggressive pad can cause a lot of damage to a surface or if you start with too fine a pad, it can take much longer than needed to achieve results. Prepare the machine, make sure that the water tank is full and prepare for starting.

  1. The first grit has to be the most aggressive pad you are going to use. The first pad will remove all kinds of imperfections and dull patches

  2. The second pad will remove the scratches done by the 1st pad

  3. The third pad will create the sheen / gloss

You do not need to use all the grits available unless the surface is in a very rough condition and then you need to start with the most aggressive pad and go up to 3500. You can skip 1 grit but not more than that.

Ex : 120 grit (skip 220) you can go to 400 (skip 600) go to 800 & then finish with 1800. The 3500 grit is usually for maintenance or enhancing sheen. 

The new Diafil American Diam 100 MM | Velcro will be at its best when used on flat surfaces or on surfaces with very small grout lines. For floors with very deep or large grout lines please use Diafil Abralux or Diafil Discolux. The maximum recommended speed for the floor scrubber should be 180 to 200 RPM.

Diafil American Diam 100 MM | Velcro | Recommendation

If you are a new startup or a DIY user you should not use these pads. These pads are designed for professional users only. Premium quality diamond pads for all your natural stone polishing projects.

Diafil American Diam 100 MM | Velcro

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