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Ettore Aluminium Floor Squeegee l Heavy Duty Floor Squeegee

Ettore Aluminum Floor SqueegeeThe perfect tool for moving water and cleaning all types of floorsManufactured from heavy duty aluminium components & rubberSuitable for domestic and heavy duty indus..

Ettore Curved Steel Floor Squeegee

Ettore Curved Steel Floor SqueegeeHeavy duty commercial and industrial floor squeegee from EttoreSuitable for moving water around in garages, factories, industrial unitsManufactured from a steel frame..

Ettore Steel Floor Squeegee

Ettore Steel Floor SqueegeeStraight steel floor squeegee suitable for heavy duty useManufactured from rust-proof and chemical resistant steelEasy replaceable heavy duty neoprene rubber squeegeeCompati..

Ettore Super Curved Floor Squeegee

Ettore Super Curved Floor SqueegeeUnique patented design to facilitate easy liquid movement in any directionGalvanized steel frame and neoprene floor squeegeeHighly recommended for heavy duty industri..

Ettore Wipe'n Dry Floor Squeegee

Ettore Wipe`n Dry Floor SqueegeeRust-proof heavy duty universal floor squeegee from EttoreFitted with the best Dura-Flex natural closed cell moss rubberCompatible with all standard wooden or aluminium..

Ettore Wooden Handle 137 Cm

Ettore Wooden Handle 137 CmHeavy duty wooden handle compatible with all Ettore floor squeegeesSanded and lacquered with waterproof sealer, 2.5 cm diameterFlexible, rounded top end and sharpened top to..

Hygiene Floor Squeegee

Hygiene Floor SqueegeeProfessional heavy duty universal floor squeegeeSuitable for domestic, commercial & industrial useCompatible with the new Hygiene Aluminium HandleAvailable in 45 cm and 60 cm..

Robert Scott 45 Cm Squeegee

Robert Scott 45 Cm Squeegee..
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