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24" Floor Squeegee

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-big heavy duty floor squeegee suitable for commercial jobs

-it will collect over 95% of the moist in one quick operation

-durable, affordable, efficient, easy to use, highly recommended

-this floor squeegee is compatible with interchange handles

-the squeegee is made from very soft rubber that won`t scratch

-this squeegee size : 24" or 600 mmm


24" Floor Squeegee Review

Floors- you walk on them, they are your kids play ground, your pet comes over tracking in mud from the yard, there are those drink and food spills, plus the dust particles settling on it from the air above. The floors are guaranteed to get dirty- it's just a matter of how fast. Consequently, they'll need to be cleaned often. For this, you want to work with tools that make the job easier. You don’t want to spend hours pushing water from the floor, drenching your mop, squeezing it dry, and breaking your back trying to bring a sparkle to your floor. The longer the floor remains wet, the faster it traps dirt particles floating in the air, and being wafted into the building by wind. Keeping it wet for too long also hampers activity around to home or office space. Sealing off rooms means your comfort at home is interrupted, plus the employees and customers in your business premises will struggle to move about. You want to cut down this interruption to as short a time as possible. Getting the right tools will make this a reality. That’s where the 24" Floor Squeegee comes in.


It's more than just about efficiency. The structural integrity of your building also comes into play, more specifically with the floor. Leaving waster standing on the surface allows it to seep through its pores, which causes a wide range of problems depending on the type of flooring. For instance, on wood floors it can cause warping, while it will case water stains on natural stone floors. Then there's the risk of accidents, with people slipping and spraining an ankle. You also don't want to skid while you're carrying a pot of hot coffee. The water problems can be fixed by getting rid of it quickly. Whether it's intentional like during the weekly clean-up, or accidental, like when a pipe breaks, or even natural, when torrential rain leaves puddles all over your patio, pushing away the water with the 24" Floor Squeegee will speed up the drying process, and enable you to avert the problems that would have been caused. Here are more things to expect from it. 


Benefits Of The 24" Floor Squeegee

1. Fast work time

With the 24" Floor Squeegee, you get to shift fluids quickly, which enables a faster drying time. Whether you want to get the water off your balcony, or simply coax water that spilled outside your shower back into it and direct it to the drain. You can trust the 24" Floor Squeegee to be effective on your natural stone floors, the vinyl floors that are popular for kitchens and bathrooms, the delicate linoleum floors, and even laminate and tiled floors. The large expanse that it covers, coupled with the efficacy of each stroke, enables you to cover a large floor area in a short time. This has made it a popular option in food service facilities, hotels, gyms, malls, and other institutions that clean their floors regularly, and need quality results delivered fast. The 24" Floor Squeegee can even work on the walls and door of your shower. You just need to attach it to a shorter handle that can be moved around easily. 


2. Soft foam rubber

The high grade rubber of the 24" Floor Squeegee allows it to work on a wide range of floors, including those with uneven surfaces. It makes the squeegee durable, allowing it to be used in heavy applications such as hard floors in supermarkets and meat packing plants. It can even be used to dry up the greens and tees after it rains during a tournament. You can bring the strength of the 24" Floor Squeegee into your home or business premises. 


3. Dual blade

The 24" Floor Squeegee comes with a dual blade, which enables it to create a vacuum as you clean, meaning you can get rid of more residue at a go, even on those porous surfaces. It's suitable for residential and commercial establishments, from garages, patios and sidewalks, and even when drying floors at pool sides. 


4. Versatile

You get to use 24" Floor Squeegee with different interchange handles. This makes it more convenient when getting a handle for it, and also when it comes to storage, since less space will be required. 


5. Colour coded

Colour coding is used with different kinds of equipment, ranging from cleaning cloths, sponges, mop handles, brooms, dust pans and even gloves, and you can now achieve the same with the 24" Floor Squeegee. It comes in different colours, enabling you to implement a colour coded scheme in your establishment. For instance, you can use red for high risk areas such as washrooms, green for areas where food is handled, such as catering departments and ward kitchen areas, yellow for clinical areas, and blue for general areas like living rooms, offices, hallways and corridors in your establishment. This is crucial in preventing cross contamination. The colour patterns you use with the 24" Floor Squeegee depend on your preferences as an individual. This also makes it easier to manage your equipment and keep track of inventory.


How To Use The 24" Floor Squeegee

1. Start by cleaning the floor. Give it a thorough scrub to dislodge the dirt. Use the recommended cleaning product for your type of floor, and the application tool that suits the situation, whether it's a mop, sponge, or even wash cloth. 

2. Apply clean water to rinse the mixture of dirt and cleaning solution off your floor.

3. Now take the 24" Floor Squeegee and run it across the wet surface. Use a top-to-bottom approach, and make broad and even strokes. The wide reach of the 24" Floor Squeegee will make this a breeze. It will remove the water, and any lingering bits of dirt. 

4. Allow to dry.


Tips For Using The 24" Floor Squeegee

· Clean your floor regularly. It's recommended that you do it weekly, with more frequency depending on the level human traffic in your establishment. Some like food handling areas need to be cleaned several times a day. The 24" Floor Squeegee will enable the process to be carried out faster, reducing your workload. The routine cleaning will also reduce the number of times that you’ll need to do a heavy-duty cleaning.

· Always clean and rinse the 24" Floor Squeegee after use. This will preserve its quality, and prevent you from carrying over dirt to the next cleaning session.

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