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Ettore Aluminium Floor Squeegee l Heavy Duty Floor Squeegee

Ettore Aluminum Floor Squeegee

  • The perfect tool for moving water and cleaning all types of floors

  • Manufactured from heavy duty aluminium components & rubber

  • Suitable for domestic and heavy duty industrial/commercial use

  • Compatible with most types of wooden and aluminium handles

  • It will not react with harsh chemicals, it will not rust and is very light

  • The perfect floor squeegee for garages, driveways, sites, shops

  • Available in in 4 different sizes : 45 cm, 60 cm, 75 cm and 90 cm

  • Easy replaceable squeegee, the squeegee is sold without handle

  • Moves large quantities of water & other liquids, paints, solvents

Ettore Aluminum Floor Squeegee - Where to use

A premium quality heavy duty floor squeegee from Ettore. Suitable for heavy duty domestic use, commercial and industrial use. The floor squeegee can be used on all types of floors including painted floors, concrete floors, tiled floors, plastic floors, paving and patio floors. The squeegee is manufactured from heavy duty industrial components that will not corrode or rust. Compatible with most types of wooden handles and most universal fit aluminium handles. The Ettore Aluminum Floor Squeegee is available in 45 cm, 60 cm, 75 cm and 90 cm. It can be used for pulling or pushing water and other chemicals around.

Ettore Aluminum Floor Squeegee - How to use

In the case of a flood the Ettore Aluminum Floor Squeegee can be used for pushing or moving water around, it can be used on warehouse floors to clear water or chemicals, it can be used in building sites, shops, garages, etc. Wherever you need to move large quantities of water from the floor, you can use this professional floor squeegee.

Ettore manufactures some of the most durable and some of the most efficient floor squeegees ever invented. Innovative thinking and superior quality materials have made Ettore floor squeegees are highly sought after and a must have tool for professional warehouse cleaning.

Ettore Aluminum Floor Squeegee

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