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Ettore Wooden Handle 137 Cm

Heavy duty wooden handle compatible with all Ettore floor squeegees

Sanded and lacquered with waterproof sealer, 2.5 cm diameter

Flexible, rounded top end and sharpened top to work with all squeegees

Suitable for residential, commercial & heavy duty industrial floor cleaning

Manufactured from top quality wood materials to ensure durability

Also compatible with most brooms, grout brushes, deck scrubs, dusters

Top quality wooden handle manufactured by Ettore for the professionals

Ettore Wooden Handle 137 Cm | Where To Use

While using a floor squeegee you are likely to work in areas with high humidity. An unsealed and cheap wooden handle will not last long for obvious reasons. It is for this reason that Ettore has manufactured its own top quality wooden handle to fit and work with all its floor squeegees, dusters, brushes, scrapers, etc. The new Ettore Wooden Handle 137 Cm is 100% waterproofed, safe to use in wet areas and suitable for heavy duty use. The products sharpened head will fit nicely in all squeegee holes, broom holes & other tools. This product was designed with professionals in mind.

Ettore Wooden Handle 137 Cm | How to use

All Ettore Floor Squeegees are compatible with most wooden handles. While some wooden handles are too light, others are too heavy duty. But the new Ettore Wooden Handle 137 Cm is just perfect. Just place the wooden handle inside the squeegee head and tighten up the screw. In a matter of seconds you are ready for work. The wooden handle can be used for brushing, squeegeeing, dusting or any other type of work where a proper quality wooden handle is required.

For faster and better results use the Ettore range of tools & window cleaning tools. Top quality products for affordable rates.

Ettore Wooden Handle 137 Cm

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