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ASAP High Risk Latex Gloves / 18.5G Heavy Duty All Day Glove

  • Product Code: ASAP-HR
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
ASAP High Risk Latex Gloves / All Day Gloves

  • Highly recommended for areas with high risk of contamination

  • Manufactured from heavy duty powder free latex components

  • Sold in boxes of 50 gloves, 18.5 Grams and powder free 100%

  • Can be used in a variety of industries, car mechanics, doctors, cleaners, builders

  • Will outlast all other types of commercial rubber/nitrile gloves

  • A proper glove for heavy duty high risk industrial/medical use

  • Dark purple colour, prevents moisture and sharp items penetrating

ASAP High Risk Latex Gloves / All Day Gloves - Where to use

Changing gloves every few minutes is not possible for some trades. There could be a high risk of contamination and the risk of skin damage or irritation. For these kinds of businesses a thick all day industrial strength glove is required. ASAP High Risk Latex Gloves / All Day Gloves is the ideal product. Manufactured from 18.5 grams heavy duty latex material, the gloves are powder free and very flexible. The ideal glove for handling contaminated items, builders, garages and general operatives. No need to replace the glove for 1 full day.

ASAP High Risk Latex Gloves / All Day Gloves - Powder Free

Like all ASAP products, the ASAP High Risk Latex Gloves / All Day Gloves are manufactured from powder free latex. The glove will not cause irritation and it is safe even for those with sensitive skin. The fact that the latex glove is so thick and does not require changing regularly makes this product highly cost effective.

Try the new super heavy duty latex glove from ASAP. A premium quality commercial heavy duty glove suitable for all types of uses. Suitable for commercial use and domestic use. It can be used wet and dry. It will not discolour, it will not break easily and it will provide outstanding protection.

ASAP High Risk Latex Gloves / All Day Gloves

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