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Latex Gloves - Powder Free

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*** medium only***


-high quality latex gloves available in all sizes

-made from very stretchy latex, contains no powder

-will last at least double than standard latex gloves

-50 pairs of latex gloves per box or 500 per carton

-suitable for medical, cleaning, garages, factories, etc

-orders of latex gloves over €100 get free delivery



Latex Gloves – Where to use

There are industries and professions where the human skin is exposed to harmful or infected objects. Prolonged contact between the skin and those dangerous products can result in skin irritations, eczema or other skin infections. By wearing a pair of latex gloves you will prevent a long list of potentially dangerous chemicals and infections attacking your skin. Latex gloves are cheaper than ever and are also also made better than ever. Out there you will find very cheap latex gloves and more expensive latex gloves for sale. Lower the price you pay per pack of 50, lower the quality and less durability. Our latex gloves are not the cheapest latex gloves you can buy on the market but we can guarantee that you will be impressed with the quality. A number of cleaning contractors, garages, shops, etc. use our latex gloves daily.



Latex Gloves – Cost effective

Buying quality latex gloves will prove to be a good business decision in the long run. Better quality latex gloves are known to last much longer than cheaper ones and the price difference is only about 10%. Paying more initially for a box of latex gloves will reduce the amount of gloves you will use in the long run. If you require samples sent to your office please contact us.



Latex Gloves – Types

We sell powdered latex gloves and powder free latex gloves. The powdered latex gloves are usually a bit cheaper than powder free latex gloves.



Latex Gloves – Recommendation

The usage of latex gloves is higher than ever. With the increased usage of chemicals, more and more people are using latex gloves to protect themselves from too much exposure. If you are a company owner you should make sure that there is always a pair of latex gloves in the kitchen area or in the work shop. If you are a garage owner, a cleaning company owner, etc. it is your duty to protect your staff from exposing themselves to harmful chemicals. Buy latex gloves from and be protected.




Latex Gloves – the best protective barrier between your hands and infections!

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