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Ramon Pro-Guard Tough Industrial Gloves

  • Brand: Ramon
  • Product Code: TRG
  • Availability: 100

Ramon Pro-Guard Tough Industrial Gloves

  • Heavy duty industrial quality gloves manufactured from natural rubber latex

  • Provides enhanced protection, suitable for heavy duty industrial use

  • Provides outstanding protection against chemicals, alcohol, alkalis

  • Ergonomically shaped to reduce hand fatigue during extended periods of use

  • Increased comfort comes with the soft cotton lining which absorbs perspiration

  • The gloves features an anti-slip grip patterns on the fingers and also the palm

  • Reasonably priced, very long lasting, available in M and L, colour black, tough

Ramon Pro-Guard Tough Industrial Gloves - Where to use

One of the most heavy duty rubber latex gloves available in Ireland. Suitable for domestic, commercial, industrial and medical use. The gloves will protect against most types of acids, floor strippers, alkaline products, bleach, detergents, alcohol, etc. The glove can be reused many times over. Its anti-slip grip pattern will facilitate easy grip even on greasy or wet surfaces. A proper heavy duty rubber latex glove from Ramon.

Ramon Pro-Guard Tough Industrial Gloves - How to use

Handling hazardous chemicals without proper hand protection is not recommended. Some highly active chemicals can cause instant burns while other chemicals could cause serious skin issues in the future. Avoid these issues by using the new Ramon Pro-Guard Tough Industrial Gloves. Clean your hands before putting your gloves on. You will notice that the glove feels very thick and it has a good grip on all surfaces. If the glove is still intact after one use, it can be used again. To test, see if the glove holds air. If it does, it is safe to use it again. 

Ramon Pro-Guard Tough Industrial Gloves - Recommendation

If you are working in areas with high risk of cross contamination, you should dispose of your gloves safely after every use. Use an individual pair of gloves for each area. If you notice liquid penetrating the glove, stop fast and change your gloves

Ramon Pro-Guard Tough Industrial Gloves

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