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135CM Wooden Kentucky Handle

  • Brand: Ramon
  • Product Code: WKH135
  • Availability: 9

135 CM Wooden Kentucky Handle

  • Heavy duty 135 cm mop handle fitted with a kentucky mop holder clip

  • Suitable for heavy duty floor cleaning and daily floor maintenance jobs

  • Compatible with all kentucky mop heads from all brands and all sizes

  • The handle is not varnished but it can be sealed with any protector/sealer

  • The mop holder clip is manufactured from rust-proof galvanised steel

  • Well priced, very steady, easy changing mop head system, very light

  • A premium quality all in one professional mopping system from Ramon

135 CM Wooden Kentucky Handle - Where to use

A proper heavy duty kentucky mop system suitable for all types of commercial and industrial floor cleaning and floor mopping systems. Due to its large size, the mop is not really suitable for small domestic floor cleaning projects. It can be used for washing factory floors, garages, shops, large reception rooms, commercial kitchens, large restaurants and so on. The mop head can be changed in a matter of seconds. Use colour coded kentucky mop heads to avoid cross contamination. 

135 CM Wooden Kentucky Handle - How to use

When you purchase the new 135 CM Wooden Kentucky Handle you will receive the mop handle + the kentucky mop clip. The mop head is not included. You need to assess the type of project that you are planning to undertake and decide what size mop head is more suitable. Open the clip, install the mop head flat, lock the clip and you are ready to wash your floors. The handle is not varnished but it can be easily sealed if you are likely to use the mop in an area with high humidity or outdoors.

This is a large professional mop suitable for cleaning large commercial floor areas. The mop will cover larger floor areas faster and will increase productivity. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

135 CM Wooden Kentucky Handle

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