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Ettore Reach Aluminium Extension Pole 3.6 M

  • Heavy duty commercial aluminium poles from Ettore

  • Compatible with all brushes, squeegees, scrapers, etc

  • 3 elements of 1.2 m each, made from rust free aluminium

  • Light, ergonomic, affordable & 40% thicker than other poles

  • Removable top ends & fitted with plastic handle (better grip)

  • Highly recommended for professional window cleaning

  • Increase productivity with Ettore aluminium extension poles

Ettore Reach Aluminium Extension Pole 3.6 M - Where to use

The Ettore Reach Aluminium Extension Pole 3.6 M is qualifying for the large heavy duty extension poles. This product is designed to last for years and to help you increase your profitability. It can be used for professional window cleaning services, wall cleaning, dusting, guttering cleaning and general all types of cleaning projects. It reduces the need of using ladders and scaffolding. A proper commercial heavy duty aluminium pole

Ettore Reach Aluminium Extension Pole 3.6 M - How to use

Ettore has created an unique top end that makes the aluminium pole compatible with most types of scrapers, brushes, squeegees, t-bars, etc. Whatever type of tool you need to use, there is a way of connecting it to our ettore poles. Many house painting contractors are using the Ettore poles because it is so light and so stable. The aluminium pole can be used for any type of high reaching project.

Ettore Reach Aluminium Extension Pole 3.6 M - Safety

Regular use of aluminium poles can increase your chance of developing back pains. You need to take regular breaks and you need to keep the pole as vertical as possible. Stay well away from cables, wall connections, satellite dishes and any other potential source of electricity. Common sense is required at all times.

Try our amazing aluminium poles today. Work faster, work better and reduce the need of using ladders or scaffolding. Ettore poles are better quality, lighter and cheaper than most of its competitors. 

Ettore Reach Aluminium Extension Pole 3.6 M

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