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Ettore Reach Aluminium Extension Pole 2.7 M

  • One of the most used aluminium extension pole

  • Steady, solid & suitable for heavy duty cleaning

  • Manufactured from premium quality aluminium 

  • It will reach the second floor of most properties

  • 3 sections, removable top ends, light, ergonomic

  • Recommended for domestic/commercial cleaning

  • Compatible with all wall brushes and squeegees

Ettore Reach Aluminium Extension Pole 2.7 M - Where to use

A proper heavy duty aluminium extension pole manufactured to last. The Ettore Reach Aluminium Extension Pole 2.7 M is the ideal extension pole for heavy duty window cleaning projects, wall & pipe dusting and general height cleaning. The pole is manufactured from heavy duty aluminium alloys 40% thicker that similar size poles from other brands. Its top ends can be removed and replaced with ease. It can be used for heavy duty commercial cleaning but also domestic cleaning.

Ettore Reach Aluminium Extension Pole 2.7 M - Where to use

The top ends of the pole are compatible with all screwed in or pushed in window cleaning systems. It will work well with all types of squeegees, scrapers, brushes, t-bars, etc. This product is small enough to fit in most small/medium size vans. It will reach all hard to reach side windows, gutters, high pipes, lights, etc.

Ettore Reach Aluminium Extension Pole 2.7 M - Safety

Using a professional aluminium pole could speed up your cleaning project and you will be able to do more work in shorter periods of time. But you will need to pay attention to details. Bear in mind that all ettore aluminium poles are manufactured from high grade aluminium alloy. This product is a great electricity conductor. Stay well away from cables, satellite dishes, electricity boxes, etc. Take regular breaks to avoid back pains and try to keep the pole as close to the wall as possible

Top quality aluminium poles from Ettore. Try our new aluminium pole today and be ready to be amazed. Outstanding quality for fair prices

Ettore Reach Aluminium Extension Pole 2.7 M

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