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Mixed Towel Rags

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-very good quality mixed towel rags

-available in bags of 10 kg mixed rags

-recommended for the cleaning industry 

-our cloths come in many sizes and colours

-highly absorbent & 100% re-wasable 

-available in single packs or bulk sale


 Mixed Towel Rags Review

Drying is an integral part of cleaning. Soaking up the moisture from the surfaces and items you’re cleaning is vital, otherwise you would spend hours waiting for it to go naturally. This would inconvenience the persons in your premises. There's more to the drying than just during cleaning. What of those spills that occur in your commercial or residential environment- like the recreational space in your workplace, or even during a party in your home? In industrial settings, there may be grease and oily spills from the machinery and processes involved. Leaving the spills standing can damage the finishing. Other times it’s in the work itself, and your hands get soaked up in the oils and you want to remove it so that you can utilize other items without dirtying up the place. You want a convenient product that you can reach to, that will dry up the spills on the surfaces of the appliances at home, machinery in workplaces, and even the palms of your hands in moments. A cost effective tool that delivers results. You can get that from the Mixed Towel Rags.


Speeding up the drying process with the Mixed Towel Rags is important for a number of reasons. First, you don’t want mould and mildew to grow on the surfaces. The fungal spores are hanging in the air, and moist surfaces enable them to attach themselves and sprout. These lead to a myriad of problems, from allergic reactions, to causing infections such as pulmonary haemorrhage. You also want to protect the surfaces themselves. Water stains on your marble countertops or warping on your wood cabinets is not an issue you want to rise. Soaking up the moisture with the Mixed Towel Rags will prevent this from happening, and protect your investment. There's also the benefit of preventing slip and fall accidents caused by spills on the flooring. You can clear them up quickly and protect the persons in your establishment. Here's what to expect from the Mixed Towel Rags:


Benefits Of Mixed Towel Rags

1. High absorbency

The Mixed Towel Rags come with high absorbing power. Made from bathrobes and towels, they are designed to suck out the moisture content from the surface you’re wiping, leaving it dry. You can use the Mixed Towel Rags for everything from wiping your hands to soaking up spills. Whether you're cleaning the walls in your building, wiping countertops and floors, as well as metal bodies, the Mixed Towel Rags enable you to achieve a clean and dust free finish. They hold in water multiple times their weight- and release it when you wring them over the sink or bucket. 


2. Versatile

As long as it involves cleaning moisture content, the Mixed Towel Rags are up to the task. From grease residue, oils, and water spillages, they absorb them to leave the area dry. You can use them on a wide variety of surfaces, from ceramics and granite, all through to tile, wood, and event porcelain. The Mixed Towel Rags are useful in different sections of the establishment, be it getting rid of the excess water on the bathroom flooring, wiping the sinks and faucets in the kitchen, dusting the electronics and other appliances in the living room, and even wiping down the windows to remove fingerprint marks and the cobwebs at the corners. 


3. Soft

You don’t want your skin getting scratched or bruised in the course of the cleaning. With the Mixed Towel Rags, it won’t. They are easy on the hands. This gives them a luxurious feel during usage. 


4. Durable

The Mixed Towel Rags stand up to the heavy usage day after day, each piece getting you through numerous cleaning sessions. Their strength also enables them to be laundered repeatedly, enabling you to always maintain high hygiene standards in your establishment.


5. Eco-friendly

These are recycled towels and robes turned into cleaning cloths. Their very conceptualisation and design is intended to cut down the strain on natural resources, and reduce the piling up of landfills. As such, using the Mixed Towel Rags enables you to get the absorbency you need for your cleaning needs, and reduce your ecological footprint simultaneously.


6. Colour variations

With the Mixed Towel Rags, it's cleaning with style. They add a light touch to the cleaning operations, bringing variation to break the monotony of the cleaning process. You can even go a step further to group the Mixed Towel Rags based on the specific colours, and designate each group to a specific section of the establishment- like red for high risk areas such as washrooms, blue for food preparation zones like the kitchen, and green for general areas like living rooms and offices where the risk of contamination is low. The colour pattern you used depends on your preference. It has the added advantage of preventing cross contamination. 


7. Easy to use

Simply whip up, dab and dry. There are no special skills required here. All that's required is to launder the Mixed Towel Rags after every cleaning session and allow to dry. This will ensure that they are ready for the next cleaning task, and extend their lives.


8. Affordable

You want value for money while providing superb cleaning results. The low cost of production enables the Mixed Towel Rags to be priced conveniently to enable you get more bang for your buck. They are also economical. One pack comes with 10kg of the towel rags. Whether you’re looking for soaking power for an extended period of time, you're doing emergency cleaning after a party or even a plumbing accident, the Mixed Towel Rags will enable you to get a value return for your purchase. 


Tips For Using The Mixed Towel Rags

· Always wash the Mixed Towel Rags after use. This is to flush away the dirt and grime in the fibres, and prevent you from spreading them to the new surface you'll be cleaning. Warm and hot water are ideal for the washing. You can also incorporate cleaning solutions with disinfectant properties to destroy the pathogens that could be lurking in the material.

· Ensure that the washed Mixed Towel Rags are dry before storage. This will prevent fungi from growing. They have various effects. For instance, when mildew grows it stains the material, and causes odours to develop.

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