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Soil Sorb Carpet Bonnett 17”

  • Highly absorbent pad for carpet maintenance projects

  • Can also be used for drying out carpets after cleaning

  • The pad is made from non-aggressive looped yarn

  • Double sided to increase productivity and cover more area

  • Machine washable, friction resistant, chemical resistant

  • Will help scrub dirty carpet and help semi wet carpets dry faster

  • Compatible with all low speed 17” floor buffing machines

Soil Sorb Carpet Bonnett 17” - Where to use

Professional quality bonnet pad suitable for scrubbing very dirty carpets, maintaining carpets and drying wet carpets. It can be used on both sides for maximum productivity. The pad is manufactured from very absorbent fibres that are designed to last for very long periods of time even with regular daily use. The Soil Sorb Carpet Bonnett 17” can be used on all types of commercial and domestic carpets. 

Soil Sorb Carpet Bonnett 17” - How to use

To use this professional bonnet pad you will need a low speed floor cleaning buffer fitted with a pad holder. After the carpet is washed with an extraction system, you can use the Soil Sorb Carpet Bonnett 17” to extract more water and to speed up the drying process. You can also use the bonnet pad to scrub dirty carpets and prepare the surface for extraction. Some companies use the pad for daily maintenance of carpeted floor areas.

Whatever way you decide to use the new Soil Sorb Carpet Bonnett 17”, you will be amazed with the product. Its durability is unequalled, its absorption qualities are superior to all other similar products and it can be machine washed thousands of times. To achieve great results you need to use proper professional tools and equipment. Wash the pad after use to avoid cross contamination. Use the pad with warm or cold water

Soil Sorb Carpet Bonnett 17”

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