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Unger Hiflo Microfibre Pad 20cm

-premium velcro microfiber cleaning pad from Unger

-suitable for all types of internal window cleaning projects

-very durable - it can be machine washed over 200 times

-recommended for commercial and domestic cleaning

-suitable to use in conjunction with pure water (salt free)

Get Sparkling Results With The Unger Hiflo Microfibre Pad 20cm For Indoor Window Cleaning

Conventional window cleaning methods, where you use spray cleaners and towels to work on the windows, can be a bother. From copious amounts of cleaning solutions being used up that rack up your costs, towels that leave behind lint particles on the glass, those cotton cloths that leave residue and even move it around the surface causing it to appear more soiled, to the paper towels where you go through loads of material before you can get the task done. You don`t want streaks on the glass and mirrored surfaces, especially after you`ve spent so much time and effort on them. Then there are the issues that come about when dealing with cleaners that release pollutants into the airspace, which when inhaled pose a risk to you and your family members at home, or the customers and staff in your business premises. If only there was a reusable window cleaning tool, which cut down on the amount of resources needed for the task, was easy to use, safe, and cost-effective. There is, and its innovation was one of the largest breakthroughs for the cleaning industry: microfiber. It's a faster and more effective approach to cleaning, delivers streak-free results, works without any traditional cleaner, and removes dirt, allergens and even bacteria from virtually any surface. When it comes to windows, you have specialized units such as the Unger HiFlo MicroFibre Pad 20cm for indoor Window Cleaning.

Fast and quality clean

You don`t have to hassle with cleaning agents. Simply dampen the cloth with water and proceed to wipe the surface. You can also use it dry- it depends on the level of soiling that's on the glass or mirrored surface. As the cloth passes over the surface, Van der Waals forces of attraction are generated, enabling the tiny fibres to pull the dirt into the material, and lock it in. The design of the microfiber enables it to have a high absorbency- with the ability to hold in up to 6 times is own weight in water. This means you can go over a whole surface area without needing to launder and rinse the cloth, cutting down the amount of time spent on the process. What`s more, you get a streak-free result, since there is no residue left behind.

This approach takes away the hassle from the cleaning, and it`s so simple that its popularity has spread across the globe. Anyone can use the cloths. When used with pure deionised water, you get to further increase the quality of the results. This water has a higher cleaning efficiency due to its ability to dissolve dirt particles and dry off without leaving any spots on the surface.

Using the Unger HiFlo MicroFibre Pad 20cm for indoor window cleaning poses no risk to the environment. There aren`t any detergents or other chemicals used for the process- since the most you need is just water. It`s a safe cleaning method to use around your family and pets, and since it also minimises wastage, you get to further reduce your carbon footprint. This is a welcome bonus whether you`re incorporating green living in your home, or are a business looking to join the bandwagon dedicated to preserving Mother Nature, for our sake and that of future generations.

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