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Microfiber Door Mat

  • Brand: Microfiber
  • Product Code: 0625
  • Availability: 9
€17.21 Ex Tax: €13.99

Grey Microfiber Door Mat

  • 100% microfiber highly absorbsent grey mat

  • Suitable for commercial and/or domestic use

  • Absorbs liquid and absorbs all types of dirt

  • Available in 40 x 60 cm, 60 x 90 cm, 90 x 150

  • Fire classification according to EN-13-501-1

  • Manufactured by Concept Microfiber in France

  • Durable, cost effective, beautiful design, cheap

Grey Microfiber Door Mat - Where to use

Dirt brought in on your shoes from outside is the main reason for dirty carpets, stained wood floors, patchy marmoleum floors, old looking tiles, etc. A lot of harmful bacteria is also being brought in on your shoes. To prevent such water damage to your property or any health hazards, you should invest in a premium quality microfiber dirt mat. This door mat is manufactured 100% from microfiber fibres, it is manufactured in the EU and it will absorb liquids instantly. Instead of the dirt being walked onto your floors it will be absorbed by the door mat at the point of entry. Mat is washable and should be washed at regular intervals.

This microfiber door mat is suitable for domestic use, pubs, offices, bars, restaurants, schools, churches, etc. We sell top of the range products for all industries.

Grey Microfiber Door Mat - How to use it

All you need to do is place the doormat at entry and exit points. On a wet day, you will want most of the moisture taken away and deposited inside the mat, not on your floors. You can use a mat cleaning company to fully disinfect the mat once in a while or you can wash it yourself with warm water and a degreaser.

Grey Microfiber Door Mat - Sizes

We sell the door mat in three differenct sizes.  40 cm x 60 cm, 60 cm x 90 cm and 90 cm x 150 cm. You can classify it by size in small, medium and large. The mats will fit most entrances and the rubber corners will stay flat on the ground even after years of use.

Grey Microfiber Door Mat

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