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-very popular multi use large mop bucket

-suitable for domestic & commercial use

-made from chemical resistant materials

-cheap, durable, light, compact, universal

12Ltr Deluxe Mop Bucket

Mopping is part of the routine building maintenance chores. For homes and business premises alike, ensuring that you give your floors a thorough mop regularly is key to maintain the health standards of the premises. It’s also important for preserving the structural integrity of the installation, given that the dirt and grime that accumulates on it can ruin the polish, and abrade the surface, accelerating the rate of wearing down. For your mopping to be effective, you need the proper tools for the task. The mop bucket plays a key role in this, since it stores the cleaning solutions that will be used. Its features will determine whether the task will be a breeze or you will end up being frustrated as you carry out the mopping. Different factors come into play. These range from the presence of a wringer, the capacity of the bucket- which dictates how much of the soapy water can be held within it, to the durability of the bucket itself, where you want a unit that can be able to withstand the wide assortment of cleaning chemicals that are usually used during the mopping. For a quality product you can trust, turn to the 12Ltr Deluxe Mop Bucket.

A faster and effective clean

With its large wringer, you get to squeeze out the excess cleaning solution from the mop with ease. This will enable you to control the amount of water or cleaning solution that gets to the floor, preventing it from getting soaked. Issues like slip and fall accidents from overly wet floors are avoided, and it also gets to dry faster. As a welcome bonus, using the wringer means that you won’t have to actually touch the mop yarn with your hands- it would have been gross anyway. No one fancies that feeling of dirty mop water being squeezed out of the yarn and flowing over their fingers. The process of wringing out the mop with the 12Ltr Deluxe Mop Bucket is thus a safer approach to the cleaning task, which is also part of the reason why these types of products are a staple in the cleaning industry. 

This unit enables you to measure the right amount of solution needed for the task, as you mix water with the cleaning agent required. The dilution marks that are on it allow you to ensure that you have used the right ratios that will be safe for the floor being worked on. This neat feature is particularly handy given that most of the floor cleaners come concentrated, and will require to be diluted before use. The dilution marks on the 12Ltr Deluxe Mop Bucket reduce the amount of time spent on this part of the process, enabling you to proceed with the actual mopping much sooner. 

Optimised for the mopping process

With its capacity, the 12Ltr Deluxe Mop Bucket enables you to store sufficient quantities of cleaning solution within the bucket, to reduce the number of times the contents will require to be poured out and replaced. The more the cleaning solution, the more the dirt that gets to be diluted. When it comes to pouring out the dirty water and replacing it, the pouring lip of the 12Ltr Deluxe Mop Bucket makes this a breeze. You end up avoiding making spills on the floor, for a smoother changeover. This unit can be used for the different kinds of socket mops, to the white mops, RHP and Optima 200-300g range of units. It also works with the colour coded cleaning schemes, given that the 12Ltr Deluxe Mop Buckets come in the 4 hygiene colours- red, blue, green and yellow. 

When it comes to costs, the 12Ltr Deluxe Mop Bucket is also easy on your budget. It has an attractive price tag, that enables you to make savings right off the bat. You can purchase the units in bulk, with a case containing 10 of them. That way you get to meet the cleaning needs of your commercial establishment, or incorporate it into your cleaning arsenal for the professional contractors handling multiple residential and commercial floor cleaning services on a daily basis. Its durable construction enables the 12Ltr Deluxe Mop Bucket to provide you with extended service, thus accruing you more savings in the long run. 

12Ltr Deluxe Mop Bucket

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