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-outstanding professional mop buckets with squeezer

-it has one area for your cleaning solution and one area for waste

-made from reinforced plastic fibres & heat resisting components

-it will keep the mop cleaner for longer and it will save you time

-suitable for domestic floor cleaning jobs and medium commercials

-one of the most cost efficient mop buckets with squeezer out there

-designed and built by the famous cleaning equipment manufacturer, TTS Brand


8 + 6 L Mop Bucket With Squeezer – Where to use

Here is a multi use mop bucket with squeezer. It can be used for washing floors or for general cleaning purposes. You can keep your cleaning solution in the 8 L side compartment and you can store your waste in the 6 L area. It can be used with a mop or for manual washing. The squeezer can be fitted under any of the two compartments. The squeezer will get a lot of use so it is likely to break faster than the bucket but you can order the squeezer separately. This mop bucket is highly popular with the domestic cleaning industry and small commercial cleaning market.


8 + 6 L Mop Bucket With Squeezer – How to use

The squeezer should be placed over the dirt solution compartment when mopping. If you plan to use the bucket for manual washing, you can easily remove the squeezer and use the bucket for whatever type of cleaning you might have to do. It is always recommended to pour the cleaning agent from low height to avoid spillages. Most types of floor cleaning agents would work twice as fast if mixed with warm water. Never over soak wood or laminate floors.


8 + 6 L Mop Bucket With Squeezer – Recommendation

Buy this mop bucket now and reduce your work load. Use the bucket for all types of cleaning but be aware about mixing up cleaning products. This mop buckets is made by TTS from high quality plastic components. It is rust proof and it will not be affected by high heat. A mop bucket designed to last for many years. Drop around our office and have a look at our mop bucket range. We have one in stock for you!


8 + 6 Mop Bucket With Squeezer – Superb quality for fair prices!




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