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C20/C4 Unit - Commercial Bucket And Wringer

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-professional quality mop bucket & wringer

-build from heavy duty plastic components

-recommended for commercial cleaning

-one of the most popular bucket & wringer

-dynamic design, very light & cost effective

-it will work with all commercial mop heads

-the wringer can be purchased separately


Floors need to be cleaned, if you want to live and work in a safe and hygienic environment. Regardless of the location and level of foot traffic, they will always pile up dirt- the question is how fast. From people tracking in soil from the outdoors, to pets bring it under their paws, particles being blown into the interior space through the windows, and direct food and drink spills- the list is long. You also want to protect the finish, and prevent the stains from setting in. Commercial establishments require a high frequency of cleaning, due to the increased rate of soiling. You want equipment that can reduce the workload while mopping, and make the process go faster. That’s a job for the C20/C4 Unit Bucket & Wringer.


When mopping, you want convenience and efficiency. The process should be carried out smoothly through the different areas of your building. You don’t want to break your back moving from one section to another, lifting a bucket loaded with cleaning solution every few feet. The efficiency of the cleaning is also affected by the fluid content in the mop. This ranges from when you’re soaking it up to spread the cleaning solution onto the floor, or you want it as dry as possible to mop up a spill, or speed up the drying process of the surface. Basically it’s about hauling around the cleaning solution comfortably, and being able to control the level of soaking of the mop with ease. You can do that with the C20/C4 Unit Bucket & Wringer. Here is what to expect from it: 


Benefits Of The C20/C4 Unit Bucket & Wringer

1. Dynamic design

The aim is to provide enhanced portability. The 3 legs of the C20/C4 Unit Bucket & Wringer are each attached to a castor, allowing you to wheel it around the establishment. This makes the C20/C4 Unit Bucket & Wringer a popular option when mopping commercial establishments like office spaces, retail stores, malls, art galleries, public washrooms, and even in education and government institutions. The castors are also rubberized, which prevents them from leaving marks on your floor as you clean it. 


2. Efficient wringer

The value of the wringer goes uncontested. It reduces the workload needed when mopping the floor by a huge margin. Having the C20/C4 Unit Bucket & Wringer with the cleaning solutions with you as you move across the building is much easier than dashing to and from the sink or toilet. Those minutes saved after each other swipe of the floor add up to hours, depending on the size of floor space you’re covering. That is critical if you want to get through your chores in time without inconveniencing the other persons in the premises. The lightweight vertical lever action at the wringer also helps you to squeeze out more fluid from the mop without much effort. 


3. Ergonomic

The C20/C4 Unit Bucket & Wringer is designed to be easy to use. Loading it with the cleaning solution, lifting and emptying it is a breeze. The pouring spout enables you to empty the dirty water without spilling it all over. The centrally located bucket handle evenly distributes the weight, reducing the amount of elbow grease needed to manoeuvre the C20/C4 Unit Bucket & Wringer. 


4. Versatile

The C20/C4 Unit Bucket & Wringer works with Kentucky mops ranging from 340gms to 510gms.


5. Durable

The entire structure of the C20/C4 Unit Bucket & Wringer is built to last. From the solid propylene body, and the carry handle that can lift the load, all through to the lipped edges for added strength. Even the legs are sturdy, and the heavy duty castors mean you'll be wheeling around the C20/C4 Unit Bucket & Wringer for an extended period, giving you more value for the purchase you make.


6. Warning system

Both sides of the C20/C4 Unit Bucket & Wringer have imprinted wet floor caution signs. This will help you protect the persons in your premises from those nasty slip and fall accidents, complementing the other warning systems you have set up. 


7. Fits into your colour coded scheme

The blue colour of the C20/C4 Unit Bucket & Wringer enables it to blend with the colour coded scheme you have set up in your residential or commercial premises. Blue is usually intended for general areas like office spaces, living rooms, wards, reception areas, etc. The colours you designate for specific sections is left to your discretion. This have added advantages. For starters, it enables you to prevent cross contamination, by restricting equipment to specific areas of the building. In addition, it enables you to keep track of your equipment inventory, and prevent misuse of the C20/C4 Unit Bucket & Wringer.


Tips For Using The C20/C4 Unit Bucket & Wringer

· As you mop, plan your approach such that you work your way to the exit. Ensure that you’re always standing on the unmopped floor. This will prevent tracking dirt back onto the cleaned surface.

· Don’t pour the dirty mop water into the sink. Use the toilet, shower drain or pour it outside. You don’t want the gunk that has been on your floor going through the place where you brush your teeth. 

· Wash and rinse the C20/C4 Unit Bucket & Wringer after every mopping section. Avoid leaving it with the dirty mop water still in it. 

· Ensure that you launder the mop after every use. First, this will prevent odours from developing, and protect the fibres of the mop. Secondly, it will enable you to avoid streaking the floor the next time you use it.

· When mopping, ensure that you use the cleaning products that's recommended for your type of floor. This is to prevent issues like etching, staining, or even warping of the flooring. 

· For wood flooring, using the C20/C4 Unit Bucket & Wringer to squeeze out the bulk of the water content from the mop. You only need it slightly damp. Soaking the wood floor with water will damage its structural integrity, causing issues such as cupping.

· Cordon off the area that you are mopping. The warning signs on the C20/C4 Unit Bucket & Wringer will be beneficial here, and you can also add wet floor cones. You don’t want people coming and dirtying up the floor as you clean it, or slipping and falling.


Commercial Mop Bucket & Wringer

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