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Little Richard Mop Bucket

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 Little Richard Mop Bucket

-very versatile light medium size mop bucket

-suitable for domestic and light commercial

-made from very good quality plastic material

-it will hold 10 l of water or cleaning solution

-available in a wide range of unique colours

-the ideal mop bucket for small office cleaning


Little Richard Mop Bucket Review

The floor is the widest surface in the house that needs to be cleaned regularly. As such, you want an efficient and safe way to do it. Retaining your mopping optimal condition, whether you want it wet to apply the cleaning solution to the floor, or dry so that you can soak up the moisture on the surface, should be done with as minimal effort as possible. That's where wringer buckets come in. In order to be able to cover a huge expanse, you need a sufficient amount of cleaning solution with you. You don’t want to keep preparing a new solution after every few swipes on the floor. Hence, you want a wringer bucket that can hold a large amount of fluid, to make the cleaning task easier for you. Turn to the Little Richard Mop Bucket.


Mopping without a wringer is frustrating. Using a plain pail means that you have to keep going to and from the sink after every other stroke on the floor in order to wring out the dirty water. This stretches out the time for cleaning. There's also the risk of spreading harmful microorganisms throughout the premises. Each time you carry a mopping mop back to the sink of the toilet, there is a high likelihood of leaving behind a trail of dirty water drops on the floor. Someone could even slide on the spills and get a nasty injury. Wouldn't it be easier to squeeze out the extra or dirty water on the spot as you proceed to clean the rest of the floor? You can achieve that with the Little Richard Mop Bucket.


Benefits Of The Little Richard Mop Bucket

1. Large capacity

The Little Richard Mop Bucket comes with an 11-litre capacity. That's plenty of room to hold your cleaning solution. With the wringer, you will be able to keep excess water off the floor as you mop, thereby providing a safer environment for your customers and employees at the workplace, and your guests at home. Simply press out the excess water from the wet mop, and you won’t have to worry about the floor becoming wet and slippery. The Little Richard Mop Bucket also comes with a 30 ml portion control aid to assist you when preparing the cleaning solution.


2. Lightweight

This makes the Little Richard Mop Bucket easy to move around, reducing the amount of energy needed for the cleaning process.


3. Built to last

In order to stand up to daily cleaning demands and impacts, the Little Richard Mop Bucket has been built with heavy-duty polypropylene. This also enables it to retain its structural integrity while holding the different chemicals in the cleaning solutions you use, and extending its service life.


4. Versatile

The Little Richard Mop Bucket can be used with the different types of socket mops out there. Since you can also remove the wringer, it means the Little Richard Mop Bucket can work as a convenient water pail whenever you need it to. 


5. Colour coded

You can get the Little Richard Mop Bucket in green, red, blue, yellow and white colours. This allows it to blend well with the colour coding scheme for your establishment. Different colours are designated to specific areas. For instance, red goes to washrooms, green for food preparation zones such as kitchen areas, and blue for general areas like departments and offices. The goal is to prevent cross contamination by restricting equipment to specific sections of the establishment. In addition, the different colours of the Little Richard Mop Bucket help in enabling you to keep track of your equipment inventory.


6. Competitively priced

The Little Richard Mop Bucket comes at an affordable price, enabling you to make savings from the start. In addition, its durability means that you get extended use of your purchase, cutting down your overall cleaning expenditure. The high quality Little Richard Mop Bucket ensures that you get a value return for the money you spend.


Tips For Using The Little Richard Mop Bucket 

· Wash the Little Richard Mop Bucket after you're done mopping the floor. Leaving it with the dirt from mopping may cause it to start to smell. Cleaning will prevent this from happening, and also prepare it for the next mopping session.

· For the final swipes across the floor, use the wringer on the Little Richard Mop Bucket to dry the mop thoroughly. This will enable you to get as much of the dampness as you can off your floor, which will speed up the drying process.

· Avoid pouring the mop water into the sink. The water is full of dirt and germs. Use the shower drain or toilet. Alternatively, you can dispose of it outside.


Little Richard Mop Bucket

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