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Robert Scott Buffalo Mop Bucket & Wringer 25L

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-heavy duty bucket & wringer from Robert Scott brand

-suitable for domestic and heavy duty industrial use

-manufactured from chemical resistant plastic materials

-easy to change wheels, replaceable wringer, rust proof

-one of the most popular bucket & wringer from Robert Scott

A Look At The Robert Scott Bucket with Wringer Buffalo

Mopping has been a routine apart of building maintenance since time immemorial. Being the largest structure in the building, and handling all that foot traffic, it is bound to get soiled. The gunk that people track in from the outdoors, pet fur, food smudges and other messes that wind up on it- they need to be cleaned away. Keeping your home and business premises sanitised means ensuring that the grime that is accumulating on the floor is got rid of. Here, different agents come in, from those that break down the dirt build up, to disinfectants. Then there is the issue of allergens. The dust, dander and other irritants accumulating on the floor can get to levels that cause reactions to the persons on the premises. That coughing and sneezing simply by being in a room may not be an illness- it can just be a sign that the floor needs a good cleaning. What of its beauty? The dirt takes away the aesthetic appeal. Whether it's at home or commercial centres, you want your premises to have an elegant look and feel. One where the ambience is warm and inviting. Then there is the structural integrity of the installation itself. The dirt and debris that winds up on it can result in scratches on the material, and wear down the protective treatments, exposing it to more harm. Ensuring that you carry out a routine mopping is vital. The success of your operations depends on the equipment you use, and that's where tools like the Robert Scott Bucket with Wringer Buffalo come in.

The Bucket-Wringer Combo

With the bucket, key attributes to look out for when purchasing a unit is the structure of the material. What is it made of? In the cleaning processes, as you work to remove those stains and heavy build ups of residue from the floor, you will use different solutions. Some situations will call for mild detergents, others will necessitate tough acting acids to dissolve the grime. Whichever the case, these solutions will be held within the bucket, and the material should be able to perform its role without reacting with the chemicals therein. This has a huge impact on the life of the unit, and how much usage you can get out of it. What of the portability? Carrying around a heavy pail of water as you move from one room to the next can be tiring. In commercial establishments, where there is lots of room to cover, and dealing with different floors too, can take a toll on the person. A bucket on wheels solves this by enabling you to easily move it around. While this is the case, you also don’t want one that leaves a mess by forming marks as you drag it around. Then there is the capacity of the bucket. How much can it carry? This will have a huge impact on your operational efficiency. For instance, when dealing with massive floors, you don’t want to keep emptying the bucket every few steps along the way. It will result in wastage of resources. The bucket size selected should be appropriate to the size of the area that you intend to work on.

Next is the wringer itself. Pressing out the dirty water from the mop using your hands can be unnerving. No one looks forward to that gross feeling as the grime and soiled solutions pass through the fingers. The wringer comes in to avoid such situations. Safety also factors in. After all, when the floor is drenched with too much water, cases of slips and falls will be common- for the rest of the persons on the premises, and the cleaning staff themselves. Controlling the amount of solution that gets used on the surfaces is vital to prevent such issues from occurring. There are floor surfaces such as wood where the mop actually has to be just damp. Moisture is a threat to the structural integrity of such installations. Material here is also key since you want a wringer that has a string construction to be able to have a consistent performance. These factors are all taken into perspective during the development of the Robert Scott Bucket with Wringer Buffalo.

Why You Should Get The Robert Scott Bucket with Wringer Buffalo

  1. Tough construction

The strength of the bucket has a huge impact on its lifespan. Seeing that cleaning is a frequent activity, and in high traffic establishments it undergoes heavy usage with all the mopping that needs to be done due to the numerous spills, you want a product that can stand up to the task. You get that with the Robert Scott Bucket with Wringer Buffalo. It has been constructed with polypropylene, a durable material that comes with enhanced resistance to a wide range of acids and bases. This enables it to be used with the different cleaning solutions that are applied when catering to the diverse types of floors, and tough-acting formulations needed to tackle the stubborn stains. It has a high resilience, and be used in the climate conditions where metal buckets would be more susceptible to corrosion. The tough build of the Robert Scott Bucket with Wringer Buffalo makes it a popular option for use in catering, health, office, retail and other areas in need of quality cleaning tools that can meet the demand of heavy duty cleaning.

  1. 24L capacity

The size of the bucket has a direct correlation to how much square footage you can cover at a time. The larger it is, the more cleaning solution that can be held within, which also means that there will be more of it to dilute the dirt and grime. Consequently, the number of times that it will need to be emptied and a fresh new solution added is decreased, leading to faster work-times. As such, the 24L capacity of the Robert Scott Bucket with Wringer Buffalo enables you to speed up your mopping processes.

  1. Designed for efficiency

The structure of the Robert Scott Bucket and Wringer Buffalo makes it easy to use. From its plastic grip to the alloy handle, the robust wringer that enables you to squeeze out the water from the mop, to the curved body that comes in handy in ensuring that you don’t spill the contents of the bucket as you move it around, you will be able to enhance your cleaning performance. You get to move the bucket around comfortably, with the swivel castors increasing the range of mobility, and the rubber wheel which prevents you from making noise as you push the Robert Scott Bucket and Wringer Buffalo on the floor. After all, you won’t want the cleaning crew to disrupt operations in the premises, with screeches on the floor as the bucket is pushed around, which would disturb the persons in the vicinity and nearby rooms. You also don’t have to worry about tyre marks being left behind on the floor as the cleaning is being carried out, which would have otherwise made the task more inconveniencing, with you being forced to redo the sections. Such scenarios are avoided when you work with the Robert Scott Bucket and Wringer Buffalo.

  1. Size factor

When it comes to buckets, the size is a determinant factor in how dirty the water held within it will get before it needs to be changed. With a capacity of 24L, you get to haul around more cleaning solution as you go about the mopping process. The larger size allows you to have more of the cleaning solution that will dilute the dirt and grime being picked off the floor. Consequently, it reduces the number of times that you will be required to empty the Robert Scott Bucket with Wringer Buffalo. Hence, you can work on a larger area with each round of solution, which reduces the time lost dashing around to replace the contents of the bucket.

  1. A brand you can rely on

Robert Scott has been in the cleaning industry since 1925, and is now almost clocking a century of experience and product delivery. Over the decades, the company has specialised in research and development, to bring forth different solutions catering to the diverse cleaning needs in both residential and commercial establishments. From washrooms, kitchens, offices, lobbies, windows- they've got you covered. In fact, the company is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of cleaning products targeting the janitorial market in the UK. They’re developed to address the ever-changing landscape, where tools are needed to be compatible with the advancing cleaning solutions, formulated to tackle stubborn stains and heavy build ups of grime with ease. From spot cleaning tools to medical cleaning trolleys, innovative products like the Duop Reach and renowned Flexis Ferrzon + floor pads, they are developed to high quality standards. They have a wide range of products, from catering supplies including sponges and scourers, oven gloves and cloths, to dishcloths; tools used for dusting and wiping surfaces such as microfiber cloths; rental linen including glass cloths, laundry bags, and cabinet roller towels; application tools like sprays and pumps and the popular Toucan Eco; and when it comes to the floor you’re also covered with tools that range from brushware, scrubbing gear, squeegees and mops, safety floor signs, scraping and polishing equipment, mops- be they socket mops, Kentucky mops, all through to the flat mops, and the Robert Scott Bucket with Wringer Buffalo itself; and equipment dealing with waste, such as dustpans, bins and ashtrays.

  1. Colour coded

Different sections in the building have their own cleaning requirements. For instance, the processes and systems used, plus the standards that should be met, when cleaning bathroom is different compared to when you're working in the lobby or office area. Colour coding comes in to ensure that the appropriate techniques and procedures are employed depending on the area being worked on. This simultaneously prevents cross-contamination. For instance, you don’t want the same cloth used to wipe the restroom walls being used to clean the kitchen countertops. This would increase the chances of pathogens such as Staphylococcus Aureus and E. coli being transmitted onto these areas. Separating the tools used and designating them to their unique zones in the building ensures that this doesn’t happen, resulting in a healthier establishment. Colours are a convenient way of achieving this, since they are easier to understand, even when you’re training your staff. One can also quickly note when the wrong tool is being used for a specific area. This system is applied for the mops, buckets, towels, brushes, dust pans, sprays, cloths and similar equipment that is used for the routine building cleaning and maintenance.

The Robert Scott Bucket with Wringer Buffalo is available in different colours such as red, yellow, green and blue. How these are assigned varies from business to business. For instance, red can be used for toilets and washroom areas- basically regions where there are high risks of contamination, especially around the urinals and toilet bowls and pans. Yellow, on the other hand, is usually used for clinical areas including laboratories, but is also common for gyms. Green can be assigned to kitchen areas and anywhere food is being prepared. This includes catering equipment plus the food tech rooms. Blue can be for general cleaning in zones like the offices, classrooms, and reception areas. How your colour coding system is structured will depend on your particular needs. For instance, in hospitals blue is ordinarily used for the patient areas, and the yellow Robert Scott Bucket with Wringer Buffalo is designated to the isolation areas.

  1. Cost-effective

As you manage you manage your establishment’s cleaning and maintenance program, you want to do so without breaking the bank. The cost of the equipment is a core factor in determining your purchase choice. In this regard, the Robert Scott Bucket with Wringer Buffalo has been affordably priced, allowing you to incorporate it into your cleaning program with ease. What’s more, the polypropylene structure is more economical to develop compared to metal buckets, meaning that these cost savings can be transferred to you. The durability of the unit enables it to take you for the long haul, and further lowering your costs.

Robert Scott Buffalo Mop Bucket & Wringer 25L

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