Cotton Mop 16PY - Universal Handle

Cotton Mop 16PY - Universal Handle

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Product Description

Cotton Mop 16PY - Universal Handle

-professional quality cotton mop with universal handle fit

-suitable for deep cleaning & maintaining all types of floors

-suitable for the domestic and the commercial cleaning market

-one of our best selling mops due to high quality & durability

-our cotton mop can be machine washed up to one hundred times 

-it won`t be affected by high Ph cleaning products or bleach


Cotton Mop 16PY - Universal Handle



Cotton Mop 16 PY Guide

Cotton mops are trusted to clean floors by people from all walks of life. In fact, they are used in every country on the planet. Their vast popularity stems from 3 things: absorbency, scrubbing power, and cost-friendliness. It's a utilitarian tool, both necessary and functional. You get to effectively clean your floor at a low cost. One of the most effective products is the cotton mop 16 PY. It's used across the scope, from homes and commercial property to public institutions. 


The cotton mops have been around for centuries, going as far back as the 1400s. There have been technological advancements and innovations in design, and today they are still the most effective for heavy duty cleaning- even janitorial jobs, industrial cleaning plus outdoor mopping jobs. The cotton fibres clean up decks, residential properties, and institutions such as schools and even museums, and are highly absorbent. Here is what the cotton mop 16 PY does for you: 


Benefits Of The Cotton Mop 16 PY

1. It's heavy duty. The cotton mop 16 PY has been designed to handle the toughest cleaning jobs, even in public venues and commercial properties. You can bring this power into your home and use it to effectively clean your floor.


2. It's durable. The cotton mop 16 PY will take care of your floor for months and has been built from long lasting cotton fibre, which saves you costs in the long run.


3. It's universal. The cotton mop 16 PY will fit any type of handle. This ensures that you'll be spoilt for choice, and you can get handles that are ergonomic for you to use.


4. It's a budget friendly product. This is one of the factors behind its wide usage. The cotton mop 16 PY is economical and provides value for the money you spend.


5. Easy to attach and detach. 


6. You'll be able to tackle those hard to reach areas like corners, behind cabinets and under furniture easily.


7. Easy to wash. You simply detach the cotton mop 16 PY from the handle and wash it by hand or machine. It’s re-washable for over 100 times. It'll easily let go of the dirt, and after washing you can put it out to dry well. 


Using The Cotton Mop 16 PY 

Gather your supplies (mop, bucket, dust pad and vacuum cleaner). Shift the easily movable furniture to give you more room to manoeuvre. Try to cordon off the area from any kids and pets. If you're working on a commercial property, you can place warning signs or seal off the area. This will prevent any slip accidents from occurring. Follow these steps to clean your floor:

1. First sweep or vacuum the floor. This will get rid of the fluffs of dust and hair, and loose debris strewn over your floor. 


2. Prepare the cleaning solution. Use the right cleaning product for your floor. The solution should ideally be in a bucket. Be careful not to use too much detergent. If there is a large proportion of suds forming in the bucket, then it means that you've used too much detergent, and you should water it down. Alternatively, use the dilution ratios described on the label of the cleaning product.


3. Work out how you will clean the floor. Divide it into sections, beginning with the corner that's the farthest from the exit of the room.


4. Mop the floor. When it’s straight from the cleaning solution, don't first wring it. Let it drip for a second or two, then slop it onto the floor. Work in small sections at a time. Use 3-4 swishes of the mop. Mop with short strokes. 


5. Rinse and wring the mop. Mop buckets usually have an attachment for wringing out the mop.


6. With your freshly wrung-out mop, clean up the dirty water from the floor. Only swish for a maximum of 3 times on the same spot, or you'll just be putting the dirty water right back onto the floor.


7. Proceed to the next section of the floor. In no time, the entire area will be sparkling.


8. Change the bucket water as needed. As soon as the water has turned a murky grey-brown, it needs to be changed. Otherwise you'll simply be spreading dirt all over your floor instead of cleaning it. Alternatively, you can work with 2 buckets (one for the cleaning solution, and the other for rinsing the mop). 


How often you should rinse it depends on the square footage and amount of soiling on the floor. Rinse the cotton mop 16 PY when it’s visibly soiled, and if you assess that there's risk of re-depositing dirt back onto your floor.


Tips On Maintaining The Cotton Mop 16 PY


· Mop your floor frequently. The longer you wait, the harder your job will be the next time. Mopping frequently also increases the life of your floor, and protects it from scratches caused by abrasive dirt. Mop the floor at least once a week to keep it feeling fresh.

· Use the "S" pattern when mopping. This will allow you to focus on each specific area at a time, and prevents you from flicking water and debris all over the floor and walls.

· Don't flood the floor. Use a reasonable amount of water. You don't want to slop a huge puddle across the surface. First, it'll increase your workload. Secondly, excess water damages flooring like hardwood and laminate.

· Launder the cotton mop 16 PY after each cleaning session. This will protect it from discolouring. Also note that leaving it unwashed will allow bacteria and mould to multiply, making it unhygienic for the next use. You can also wash the cotton mop 16 PY thoroughly under hot running water till the water runs clear, wring it thoroughly, then allow it to air dry completely. 

· Store in a dry janitor closet, shelf, or bucket. Avoid storing it in cool, damp and dark places, as mould can grow and damage the fibres.

· If you’re working on a wood floor, mop in the direction of the grain.

· Use your arm muscles to mop. Don’t put your back into it. The cotton mop 16 PY is designed to hold enough cleaning solution to get the dirt and grime off your floor.

· Never let the cotton mop 16 PY sit in a bucket of dirty water. This will result in a foul odour, and the cotton will rot away. If you're insistent on keeping in in a bucket, it should be in clean water.


Cotton Mop 16 PY

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