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Intercharge Mop Head

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Intercharge Mop Head

- 30  times more durable than the average cotton mop

- mini mop head is made from very absorbent fibers

- suitable for washing polished and unpolished floors

-it can be washed many times over in a normal washer

-it absorb much more moist than standard cotton mops

-one of the most sold types of professional mop heads


Mini Mop Head


Mini Mop Head Review

Floor care is not rocket science. You simply have to clean it regularly and give it a touch up once in a while to maintain the vibrance of your floor. It's a fact of life that your floor will get dirty. After all, it catches everything that drops- from dirt and pet dander to skin cells and the pollen hanging in the air. There are also the frequent food and beverage spills that occur both at home and at the workplace. Everything from simple dishes to classy wine, when spilled, will ruin the elegance of your floor and you need to clean them up as soon as possible. And it's not just about maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your surfaces. Your health is also on the line.


A dirty floor is home to millions of bacteria and other microbes that pose a threat to the occupants of the establishment. Organisms like dust mites thrive, bringing allergies that cause people to keep scratching themselves. Since your kids spend a lot of time crawling on the floor as they play, they are also exposed to these harmful elements. When the dust is raised, it lowers the indoor air quality and threatens your very own respiratory system. All these can be avoided by simply ensuring that the floor is clean. That's where the mini mop comes in.


What Is The Mini Mop Head?

This effective cleaner has been designed with quick and simple cleaning in mind. It enables you work on dirt and soiled spots in a jiffy. It's easy to move around, and you'll barely notice you're carrying any weight. The mini mop head has high quality fibers designed to absorb moisture, and trap and hold dirt and grime. You can use it on your floors, and other surfaces such as walls. It's a neat tool that's used in both residential and commercial properties. Here is how it enhances your cleaning efforts:


Benefits Of The Mini Mop

1. Small and light

This gives you superior manoeuvrability. The mini mop can clean more than your floor. It effectively works on walls and hard to reach areas like over bathtubs. It's great for small rooms and tiled surfaces. It's also ideal for anywhere that needs a quick clean- like getting rid of the spills your kids make in the morning, without you getting late for work, or working around 'food accidents' in your restaurant without affecting your customers. 

2. Effectively cleans

The fibers of the mini mop head break up the dirt and grime, and pick them up from the floor. The fibers hold onto the dirt particles, preventing you from redistributing them onto your floor as you mop. It reaches the nooks and crannies of your floor, pulling out those miniscule particles that could be building up.

3. Highly absorbent

The fires of the mini mop head can be used to spread the cleaning solution over the surface, or dry up damp surfaces. Their high absorbency ensures that you use the cleaning solutions effectively, and enable them to easily eliminate the gunk from your floor.

4. Versatile

You can use the mini mop head to clean your floor using water, or you can get specialized floor cleaners. The mop head is compatible with different cleaning products, to ensure that your surfaces get the most optimal care and maintenance.

5. Durable

The high quality mini mop head is designed to be resistant to wear and tear. In fact, it's up to 30 times more durable than the average mop head. This brings you huge savings in the funds you spend on your cleaning products.

6. Colour coded

Are you looking to implement a colour coded cleaning system in your home or establishment? Some systems are popular in healthcare and food providing institutions, including medical centres, hotels, restaurants, schools, day-cares and nursing homes. They help to identify different mini mop heads to specific areas of the facility that are being cleaned and managed. Such systems are popular because they prevent cross contamination. Extra benefits include differentiating specific cleaning tasks, and helping to bridge the language barrier between cleaning contractors. It also simplifies employee training. The general system observed in the cleaning industry is: 


· Red: For high risk areas that are more susceptible to cross-contamination and spread of infection- such as cleaning restroom areas like toilets and urinals

· Yellow: Used for cleaning surfaces and lower risk areas of restrooms, like the walls

· Green: These mini mop heads used in food handling and preparation areas.

· Blue: They clean lower risk areas such as lounges and reception areas.

You can do the same for your home. Pick out your desired colour and assign it to a room. For instance, you can have a red mini mop head for the bathroom, blue for the living room and green for the kitchen. The colour choices are based on your individual preferences.


How To Use The Mini Mop Head

Mopping with the mini mop head is easy. Simply attach it to the mop handle and follow these steps:

1. Remove all loose dirt and dust with a broom or a vacuum cleaner. (It's advisable to first dust the shelves, worktops and tables before cleaning your floor so that you can get all the dirt out in one go).


2. Put the appropriate cleaning solution in your bucket. Mix the solution with water according to the ratio described in the product label. Always use the manufacturer’s instructions when using specialised floor cleaners. Incorrect dosage will cause unsightly marks or streaks. 


3. Dampen the mini mop head and wipe your floor in the direction of the installation (for wood floors wipe in the direction of the grain). Work in small sections.


4. Rinse and wring the mop. 


5. Repeat the steps on the other floor sections. Note that you should change the contents of the bucket in case they become soiled. This will prevent you from spreading dirt back out onto the floor.


6. Dry out the floor as much as possible using the mini mop head. This will reduce the amount of time required to completely dry. Never leave water to stand on your floor. This creates the risk of slip accidents, and excess moisture actually traps dust, making your floor dirty again.


Wash the mini mop head thoroughly after you're done and let it dry. Never store it when wet, to prevent growth of mould and mildew. In addition, never wash the mini mop head using bleach, as it'll damage the fibres. 

Mini Mop Head - professional results for less!

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