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RHP Super White Mop 155G

  • Brand: Ramon
  • Product Code: WHS155R
  • Availability: 6

RHP Super White Socket Mop

  • A great alternative to the classic cotton mop

  • Affordable, efficient, durable  and lightweight 

  • Compatible with any type of push in handle

  • Machine washable, great dirt collector, white

  • Suitable for cleaning and maintaining all floors

  • Colour coded to prevent cross contamination

  • Highly recommended for janitorial cleaning

  • Will leave the surface streak free & spotless

  • The new innovative way of cleaning floors

RHP Super White Socket Mop - Where to use

This amazing quality floor mop is suitable for washing matt, semi gloss and highly polished floors. It is compatible with all Exel handles but it also works with all wooden handles or push in handles. It can be used for daily cleaning and maintenance of commercial and domestic floors. Due to its low cost, comparative with cotton mops or Kentucky mops, the new RHP Super White Socket Mop is a big hit with the janitorial industry. The mop can be machine washed many times over but can also be disposed of safely after use when required.

RHP Super White Socket Mop - How to use

Dilute the cleaning product in a bucket with warm water, soak the RHP Super White Socket Mop in it, allow the mop to absorb some cleaning solution but not to get too wet, wring the mop out in the squeezer and then start washing the floor from one end to the other one. As the mop covers a larger floor surface and you notice that it has dried up repeat the operation, soak the mop in the bucket of cleaning solution, wring out and continue to wash the floor. When cleaning areas with high risk of cross contamination, use different colour mops for different areas. The head of the mop is white but the base is available in 5 different colours.

Save money and time with the new RHP Super White Socket Mop. Re-use the same mop for very long periods of time.

RHP Super White Socket Mop

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