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-high quality mops designed for light & heavy duty clean

-made from very absorbent and very durable cotton fiber

-suitable for washing sealed and unsealed natural floors

-this mop head is highly recommended for commercial

-much more absorbent than classic cotton mop heads


SM Exceed Hi-G 200g Blend Mop 38 cm


SM Exceed Hi-G 200g Blend Mop 38cm Review

When looking for a mop, there's a couple of factors that you should consider. First off is the effectiveness of its cleaning surface. How good is its ability to wash off the stubborn dirt, grease and gunk? Can it reach corners and crevices? Next, look at its absorption capacity. Can you use it to clean up serious spills? That's where the material of the mop head comes in. Also check out its convenience- like how easy is it to wring it out? You also want a mop with the perfect balance of weight. A mop head that's too light won’t enable you to apply the pressure needed to wash away set-in stains or coagulated kitty litter; and a mop that's too heavy will simply be cumbersome to use. No one likes dealing with muscle strains and fatigue after every cleaning session. You also don’t want to keep looking for replacements every other week due to broken strands. You want a durable product. With all these factors considered, one product has proved to be a high performance cleaning tool- the SM Exceed Hi-G 200g Blend Mop 38cm. Here is specifically what it does for you:


Benefits Of The SM Exceed Hi-G 200g Blend Mop 38cm


1. Effective cleaner

This is top on the list of your requirements. How well can it get the dirt, grime and stains off your floor? The SM Exceed Hi-G 200g Blend Mop 38cm has been trusted by home owners and cleaning companies alike to effectively clean floors across the scope. It's got the absorbency and cleaning power needed to leave your floor sparkling. Its blended yarn gives you exceptional efficiency in moping, to remove the dust, dirt and residue from your floor. It'll also dry any wet surfaces. The mop head comes with a good release- this is the ability of the material to release the cleaning solution as you mop across floors or wring it out. The SM Exceed Hi-G 200g Blend Mop 38cm can also be used to disinfect floors. You can use it everywhere from your living room floor, to the corridors of your neighbourhood school. It has brought about gleaming floors in offices, retail stores, public venues, and other kinds of establishments. 


2. Durable

The SM Exceed Hi-G 200g Blend Mop 38cm is a hardwearing, high performance mop head. It's so durable that you can use it to deep clean rough surfaces, and also works with abrasive cleaners. Its chemical resistance enables it to be compatible with a wide range of cleaning products. This mop head is popular amongst professionals who require a long lasting mop, such as cleaning staff in hospitals, building service contractors, etc. 


3. Looped yarn

No one likes having to deal with lint left on the surface after you've spent your precious time washing your floor. The unsightly 'hairs' all over the floor are exasperating. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about that with this product. The looped nature of the SM Exceed Hi-G 200g Blend Mop 38cm keeps the yarn intact. No more lint, plus you can forget about leaving gaps on the floor. And since it won’t be breaking down, it means you'll get to keep the mop around for longer. In fact, it can last up to 8 times longer than cut-end mop heads. The looped nature also chops down the time you'll need to spend cleaning your floor. For instance, the SM Exceed Hi-G 200g Blend Mop 38cm covers twice the area in half the time that a cut-end mop would take. This is because the looped mop provides extra surface area, enabling you to work on a larger expanse of the floor. That's good news for your pocket, as your budgetary requirements for your cleaning products is slashed down.


4. Universal Socket

The multi-purpose universal socket of the SM Exceed Hi-G 200g Blend Mop 38cm is compatible with most popular handle fittings, apart from the interchange. It gives your handle an excellent grip, allowing you to mop floors, walls and ceilings comfortably. 


5. Comes with bands

The bands of the SM Exceed Hi-G 200g Blend Mop 38cm increase floor coverage, consequently increasing your productivity. This is because the bands prevent the yarn from bunching up, and thus keep it flat on the floor. They also enhance the launderability of the mop head, enabling you to maintain proper hygiene. 


6. Machine washable

You can take the SM Exceed Hi-G 200g Blend Mop 38cm to the washing machine and launder it after you’re done with your floor. This is as a result of the sum total of its features: the high quality yarn can be cleaned with your detergents and disinfectants; and since the strands are looped, they won't get entangled in the wash. Thus, you'll be able to ensure that the SM Exceed Hi-G 200g Blend Mop 38cm is hygienic, and ready for the next floor cleaning session. The launderability of the mop head allows it to go through numerous wash cycles without degradation. 


7. Colour coded

With increasing hygiene standards, preventing cross contamination has become a necessity for most establishments. Previously it was only practiced in healthcare institutions (like hospitals) and food preparation areas (like kitchens). Now colour coded systems are being implemented in everywhere, from homes and day care centres to office blocks, schools and even malls. The SM Exceed Hi-G 200g Blend Mop 38cm comes in various colours- such as blue, green, red, white and yellow- allowing you to implement your preferred colour coded system. This feature enables you to do more than just sanitise- it also brings order. Cleaning companies and business owners can easily prepare and manage inventory of their cleaning equipment. 


Tips For Maintaining The SM Exceed Hi-G 200g Blend Mop 38cm

· Rinse and wring it after each cleaning session to prevent gunk from building up in the yarn. Cleaning the SM Exceed Hi-G 200g Blend Mop 38cm thoroughly will also ensure you get rid of all the chemical reside. When left over chemicals are allowed to stay on the mop head for extended periods, they damage the yarn.


· Machine wash the SM Exceed Hi-G 200g Blend Mop 38cm regularly. This will get rid of the pathogens and prevent mildew growth. You can also add a disinfectant, to fully sanitise the mop. 


· Never leave the mop soaking in dirty water- it'll breed all sorts of vile microbes, and you'll spread them onto the floor the next time you're cleaning. 


· Don't twist the SM Exceed Hi-G 200g Blend Mop 38cm when it's in the mop wringer. This is to prevent its strands from loosening.


SM Exceed Hi-G 200g Blend Mop 38 cm - professional results for less!

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