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Terry Microfibre Cape Mop

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Terry Microfibre Cape Mop

  • Innovative mop head manufactured from highly absorbent microfiber fibers

  • Suitable for daily floor cleaning projects and also heavy duty floor cleaning jobs

  • Safe to use on polished and unpolished floors & on rough and smooth surfaces

  • The ideal mop head for commercial kitchen floors, retail floors, pubs, gyms, etc

  • It can be used slightly damp with clean water or a neutral PH floor cleaning solution

  • It can be machine washed many times, it cleans fast and it leaves no streaks

  • It achieves spectacular results on polished natural stone floors and porcelain floors

  • A very versatile mop head designed to fit in all corners and to reduce your workload

  • 30 Cm long, compatible with the socket handle, blue color, it stays flat on the floor

Terry Microfibre Cape Mop | Why Use It

This unique and innovative mop head is the ideal mopping system for busy commercial floors and floors that require regular cleaning and maintenance. The mop head is manufactured from very dense microfiber fibers that can absorb huge amounts of liquid and dirt. It can be used damp with or without a PH neutral floor cleaner. The mop is 30 cm long and it is suitable for residential and commercial floor cleaning projects. The new Terry Microfibre Cape Mop is compatible with any mopping system, including the wringer ones. 

Terry Microfibre Cape Mop | Where To Use

The manufacturer recommends it for daily cleaning of all floor surfaces including rough floors. Its flexible shape enables the mop head to fit in all narrow corners and all hard to reach areas. It can be used for daily cleaning and maintenance of altro floors, lino floors, marmoleum floors, vinyl floors, ceramic floors, porcelain floors, all natural stone floors, laminate floors, wood floors, polished concrete floors & other types of floors. If it is used regularly to maintain a particular surface, the mop requires no cleaning products. The dirt will be agitated by the microfiber fibers and it will be absorbed within the fiber of the mop head. The new Terry Microfibre Cape Mop is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It looks different, it works differently and it achieves spectacular results hassle free.

Terry Microfibre Cape Mop | How To Use

The mop is sold without a handle. You can order a heavy duty handle from us. Join the mop with the handle by twisting the handle while the mop stays flat on the grout. Assess the floor and select the most appropriate cleaning system. This mop works at its best when used with as little water as possible. The mop head has to be damp only. If the floor is in poor shape and it requires a bit of extra cleaning, you can use a low PH or neutral floor cleaning solution. The microfiber fibers that form the mop head are bleach and alkaline solution sensitive. To make sure that the mop head is not damaged by alkaline chemicals, avoid using it with such products.

A proper heavy duty microfiber mop head highly recommended for daily cleaning and maintenance of all natural stone floors. A newly polished marble floor will greatly benefit if it is washed daily with the new Terry Microfibre Cape Mop. The product will remove all residue and it will leave the floor streak free and spotless. If you are looking for a new mopping system to reduce your workload while achieving better results, try the new Terry Microfibre Cape Mop. 

Terry Microfibre Cape Mop

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