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Top-Fort Strip Mop Ecological

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Top-Fort Strip Mop Ecological

  • Microfiber mop head compatible with all smooth, semi smooth & rough floors

  • Suitable for cleaning and maintaining industrial floors, kitchen floors, retail, etc

  • 30 cm long, packed individually, suitable for commercial & residential cleaning

  • Manufactured from highly absorbent microfiber fibers, to be used semi damp

  • Inner viscose and microfibre microstiching, very light, very versatile & durable

  • Its double micro-stitched strip give it superior durability compared with other mops

  • To be used with neutral PH floor cleaning products or in conjunction with warm water

  • A very unique product highly appreciated for its streak free cleaning qualities

  • Compatible with the socket handle or our new Plastified Metal Handle (code 00631)

Top-Fort Strip Mop Ecological | Why Use It

While some mops are designed for heavy duty floor cleaning projects, the new Top-Fort Strip Mop Ecological is 100% a maintenance mop head. It is light, very versatile, easy to store and easy to clean. The ideal microfibre mop head for daily floor cleaning and daily floor maintenance. Use it damp to wash all your floors a number of times per day. It can also be used for removing spills and excess water from the floors. It is compatible with all kinds of floors and it can be machine washed. 

Top-Fort Strip Mop Ecological | Where To Use It

This top quality microfiber mop head is compatible with all polished and unpolished floors. It can be used to maintain and clean natural stone floors, porcelain floors, ceramic floors, amtico floors, concrete floors, terracotta floors, laminate floors, altro floors, marmoleum floors & wood floors. You can use the new Top-Fort Strip Mop Ecological for all indoor and outdoor floor cleaning projects. It is compatible with all mopping buckets, regardless of size or brand. It is essential to avoid using the new Top-Fort Strip Mop Ecological with bleach based chemicals, acidic chemicals or high PH cleaning products. The microfiber fibers can get damaged in contact with harsh chemicals.

Top-Fort Strip Mop Ecological | How To Use It

Have your mop ready at all times. Due to its very slim shape, this mop head will fit in the back of any door or inside any storage room. If there is a rainy day and your customers are walking in and out of your shop, you can use the amazing Top-Fort Strip Mop Ecological to dry up the floor. It can absorb a lot of liquid. If one of your customers spills something on the floor, you can dry the floor area with this amazing microfiber mop head. After the job is done, all you need to do is to give it a good wash under clean running water and you are ready to go again. Do not keep the mop soaked to avoid creating a damp smell. If some floors might require a bit of extra cleaning power to be able to achieve decent results, use a PH neutral floor cleaner and floor maintainer. 

A new and innovative mop head highly recommended for maintaining all types of floors. A low cost professional mop head.

Top-Fort Strip Mop Ecological

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