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Extra Large Black Micro-Cotton Thread Mop

  • Product Code: 05089
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Extra Large Black Micro-Cotton Thread Mop

  • One of the most innovative mop heads available on the market right now

  • A great mixture of microfiber fibers & cotton fibers in one quality mop head

  • Compatible with all types of polished and unpolished stone|plastic floors

  • It has great dirt collection capabilities & it fits even in the smallest gaps

  • It does not untwist thanks to a microfiber tread that surrounds each tread

  • It will not shrink or change volume like other microfiber or cotton mop heads

  • The mop is compatible with our heavy duty Plastic Metallic Handle 120 CM

  • Suitable for light, medium and heavy duty commercial and residential use

  • 31 CM long, 225 Grams, Individually packed, suitable for damp cleaning 

  • Highly recommended for smooth floors like wood floors, marble, porcelain

Extra Large Black Micro-Cotton Thread Mop | Why Use It

This mop was created to satisfy all the people that really love the way a microfiber mop head works but they would love the durability of a cotton mop. As you must be aware, most microfiber mops cannot be used with high PH floor cleaning products or alkaline floor cleaners. But then some people hate the cotton mops because it feels “rough” and it gets too wet. By mixing these two types of materials, it is the perfect combination. The mop is soft enough to leave a perfect streak free on most highly polished floors but tough enough not to be affected by harsh chemicals. So there you are, the new Extra Large Black Micro-Cotton Thread Mop will satisfy even the most demanding customer. You can use this professional mop head for day to day cleaning and maintenance or for heavy duty commercial floor cleaning projects.

Extra Large Black Micro-Cotton Thread Mop | Where To Use It

Anywhere you need a good quality mop. Unlike other types of mop heads that are usually designed for a particular type of floor, the new Extra Large Black Micro-Cotton Thread Mop is compatible with all floors. It can be used on rough and unpolished floors and also on highly polished floors. Safe to use on laminate floors, wood floors, amtico floors, marmoleum floors, vinyl floors, lino floors, ceramic floors, porcelain floors, safety floors, concrete floors & all natural stone floors. A mop suitable for all small, medium and large commercial floor cleaning projects. It is compatible with all mop buckets, including the large ones fitted with a wringer.

Extra Large Black Micro-Cotton Thread Mop | How To Use

Because the new Extra Large Black Micro-Cotton Thread Mop is manufactured with a mixture of fine microfiber fibers & also cotton fibers, you can use it with or without a cleaning product. For light day to day floor cleaning and maintenance, use a neutral PH floor cleaner and for once off floor cleaning projects. Mix up your cleaning solution with warm water or use only water, soak the mop head inside it, allow up to 10 seconds to absorb the liquid, lift up the mop from the bucket and put it inside the wringer or squeezer. Remove as much liquid as possible until the mop looks wet but not soaked and start washing the floor. As you move along, repeat the operation. You need to make sure that the mop head stays semi wet at all times and that the cleaning solution is changed as often as it gets dirty. When done with the mop, give it a good wash and put it somewhere safe and well ventilated to dry. Job done.

Try this fine quality mop head today. The new Extra Large Black Micro-Cotton Thread Mop is light, durable and very easy to use. It fits in all “hard to reach” areas and it will provide outstanding results.

Extra Large Black Micro-Cotton Thread Mop

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