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Craftex Foil Protectors

Craftex Foil Protectors

-heavy duty plastic foil suitable for covering furniture legs

-it prevents fluid transfer from the wet carpet to the furniture

-made from very strong plastic that can hold any size sofa

-available in 1000 sheets per pack / 65 x 65 mm - universal fit

-place your order online now & have it delivered within 24 h

Keep Furniture Off Your Wet Carpet With Craftex Foil Protectors

When cleaning your carpet, your main attention is on getting rid of the stains sticking to the fibres, soiling that is buried within the material, plus those pungent odours that are emanating from it. So you go about the task, using the appropriate procedure depending on your particular type of carpet. From spot treatment’s using high-efficacy cleaning solutions, to hot water extraction systems that give the carpet a thorough wash, the gunk is removed, leaving behind a freshly cleaned carpet. Now all you need to do is wait for it to dry, and restore the furniture while you’re at it. There's just one problem: you could end up restaining the carpet. Why? From wooden furniture legs that have dyes which can seep into the carpet, to those with metal legs that cause rust stains, your newly cleaned carpet is at risk. This not only takes you back, making a mockery of the efforts you had put in place to ensure that the carpet is spotless, but the deeper the stains go the harder they will be to remove. What’s more, it’s likely that the furniture will be set atop the carpet and left in position for long, meaning that you may not even know that there are stains until the day you decide to move around the furniture, and be greeted by a glaring stain on your beautiful carpet. That's not how you want things to turn out. You can prevent them from going down that route by using the Craftex Foil Protectors.

Benefits Of The Craftex Foil Protectors

1. Protects your carpet

No doubt you spent lots of money getting the carpet that matches the decor of your residential or commercial premises. You don’t want unsightly stains ruining those intricate patterns that you had taken your time selecting while at the store, and all that effort used in installing the carpet. You also don’t want to increase your workload by staining the carpet immediately after you’ve just had it cleaned. In addition, you want it to last for the long haul. Using the Craftex Foil Protectors prevents rust marks and dye runs from your furniture on your carpet, thus preserving its beauty and prolonging its life. At 65 x 65mm, each foil backed card square has sufficient surface area for the individual furniture legs to be placed on.

2. Extra-strong

Furniture is heavy. You want a product that can hold up to the couches, tables, loveseats, dining sets and other furniture pieces that you place on it. These protectors are extra strong card squares that are foil backed, and you won’t have to worry about them crumbling under the load placed on them. They will retain their structural integrity as they carry out their role of coming in between the furniture and the carpet underneath.

3. Multipurpose

You can use the Craftex Foil Protectors on more surfaces than just the carpet, which they are popular for. Basically, you can protect any wet surface onto which you'll be placing your furniture, wood and metal items, plus other appliances, where you’re worried about rust and dye runs. The foil protectors will prevent staining, keeping both the appliances and the surface underneath safe.

4. Cost effective

The Craftex Foil Protectors are affordable, and come in packs of 1000. This means you have plenty of the foil backed card squares available for the furniture in your home or business premises. For cleaning companies, this comes in handy as aftercare to protect your clients’ carpets and other surfaces after you’re through with the cleaning process- especially since you will be serving multiple clients on a daily basis.

Craftex Foil Protectors

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