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Plastic Upholstery Hand Tool

€59.99 Ex Tax: €48.77

Plastic Upholstery Hand Tool

  • Professional upholstery cleaning hand tool from Craftex

  • Compatible with all Santoemma and Craftex machines

  • Can be adapted to fit Prochem extraction machines

  • Suitable for commercial and domestic upholstery cleaning

  • Manufactured from heat resistant & shock resistant plastic

  • Plastic nozzle head and quality rust proof brass fittings

  • Light, ergonomic, very affordable, manufactured to last

Plastic Upholstery Hand Tool - Where to use

Sofa cleaning, upholstery cleaning, chair cleaning and curtain cleaning cannot be done with your standard carpet cleaning wand. For these types of cleaning projects you will need to use a small wand capable of fitting into narrow places. The Plastic Upholstery Hand Tool is the ideal tool for such projects. Highly recommended for cleaning upholstery, sofas, armchairs, curtains & all types of fabrics. The hand tool is light and the trigger can be moved up and down the tool with a basic screwdriver. The whole hand tool is manufactured from rust proof components. Heat resistant and shock resistant. Highly recommended for heavy duty upholstery cleaning projects.

Plastic Upholstery Hand Tool - How to use

The Plastic Upholstery Hand Tool will fit most types of carpet cleaning hoses. The brass fitting is compatible only with Santoemma & Craftex carpet cleaning machines but it can be changed to fit any type of extraction carpet cleaning machine. Connect the hand tool to your solution hose and you are good to go. Pre-spray the whole surface by pressing the trigger and then extract the waste with the head of the plastic upholstery hand tool. From time to time you will need to check the trigger nozzle for impurities. Fine minerals could deposit inside the trigger nozzle and it could reduce the flow of solution. A quick clean will sort it out.

Try the new Plastic Upholstery Hand Tool and increase your productivity while using a lighter and more efficient hand tool. Check out the whole range of Craftex carpet cleaning machines & equipment

Plastic Upholstery Hand Tool

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