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Safety Goggles

  • Professional plastic safety goggles suitable for commercial use

  • Made from heavy duty chemical & oil resistant plastic

  • Manufactured from quality transparent PVC, flexible & tough

  • It's straps can be adapted to fit all sizes, very clear see through

  • Suitable for heavy duty commercial, industrial and domestic use

  • One size fits all, flexy plastic PVC, individually packaged, light 

  • Complies with all safety regulations in EU and it is fully certified

Safety Goggles - Where to use

Universal safety goggles suitable for all industries. The safety goggles can be used for heavy duty commercial, industrial and domestic use. Many cleaning companies use these premium quality safety goggles to protect staff when using harsh chemicals. Manufactured from heavy duty clear see through PVC plastic and fitted with a fit all strap. Chemical resistant. If your eyes are at risk, you need to use protection. Try these new safety goggles and you will notice they are better quality and longer lasting.

Safety Goggles - How to use

There are a number of chemical products that can cause permanent damage to your eyes and taking a chance is not an option. These safety goggles are very affordable, long lasting and will fit everybody. Just open the plastic wrap, take out the safety goggles and put it on your head. Pull the strap until the safety goggles are fixed well onto your head & eyes and there are no exposed gaps. When done with it, store in a safe place to avoid scratching. 

Protect your eyes with safety goggles. These safety goggles are suitable for use within the construction industry, cleaning industry, labs, industrial, factories, shops & all types of heavy duty use. Reusable. Our safety goggles are manufactured from flexible plastic that will not crack even when dropped from high levels.

Safety Goggles

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