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White Centrefeed Paper Rolls

  • Product Code: 2001
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-premium quality white centrefeed rolls

-made in Ireland from pure organic paper

-highly popular with the catering business

-also suitable for the domestic cleaning market

-available in packs of 6 rolls or 60 packs per pallet

-2 ply white, 140 meters per roll, pure white

Quality Hygiene With The White Centrefeed Rolls

With centrefeed rolls, it's all about speeding up access and minimising the mess. Once you have removed the perforated core and placed the roll in your dispenser, all that people will have to do is pull the paper through the gap. With easy-tear perforations you won’t keep tugging at the paper to pull out the sheets. The centrefeed rolls are popular for this controlled dispensing, which helps in eliminating wiper streaming and waste. The open and ready to use rolls further enable better sheet usage. They are also a hygienic option, since there is no need to actually touch the dispenser on which they have been installed. You want to have a quality product for your establishment needs, and you can get that with the White Centrefeed Rolls.

Why You Should Invest In The White Centrefeed Rolls

1. Eco-friendly paper

The White Centrefeed Rolls are manufactured with environmental sustainability in mind. They are pure "virgin tissue", sourced from managed forests. How do you know you’re actually getting the quality that you're paying for? That what's on the label is in the product? The White Centrefeed Rolls come with CHSA (Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association) approval, giving you the assurance that you’re getting a high quality and environmentally-friendly product.

2. Plenty of tissue

You want a product that won’t be running out every other minute- especially when you're in a high traffic area. With the White Centrefeed Rolls, you won’t have to worry about that. At 19cm x 150m per roll, you've got lots of tissue to go around.

3. Multipurpose

The White Centrefeed Rolls are suitable for a diverse range of wiping jobs. You can use them from hand drying like during outdoor events, soaking up spills, surface wiping, and even in health centres like clinics. Designed to fit in a centrefeed roll dispenser, they are easy to use.

4. Strong paper

Paper thickness is key in determining its strength. More layers means that the tissue will have more strength. The 2-ply White Centrefeed Rolls, each at 17.5gsm (thus 35gsm per 2-ply sheet), gives the rolls the strength they need to carry out their mandate without you worrying about the paper falling apart in your hands when using it.

5. Embossed

The White Centrefeed Rolls are laminated and embossed tissue paper, which improves the physical characteristics of absorbency and flexibility. The embossing processes also increases the overall thickness of the individual sheets, which adds to the strength of the paper. This also gives it quality texture for easier use of the paper.

6. Economical

With the White Centrefeed Rolls, there are also good tidings for your budget. For starters, the rolls have an affordable price tag. Thus, you get to make savings right from the moment you make your purchase order. Secondly, each roll is long, at 150m, meaning that the frequency of changes is reduced, and each unit provides extended usage. Thirdly, each case comes with 6 White Centrefeed Rolls, further allowing you to cut down on costs. In addition, there isn't waste that will be left behind in the dispenser after the rolls have been spent.

White Centrefeed Rolls

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