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Midi Jumbo Toilet Rolls 250M - 2PLY

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Midi Jumbo Toilet Rolls 250M - 2PLY

-premium quality white midi jumbo toilet rolls

-made from pure quality white organic paper

-2 ply, 57 mm core, 250 m of paper per roll

-suitable for commercial and domestic use

-available in 6 rolls per pack or 80 packs per pallet

Midi Jumbo Toilet Rolls Review

Looking for toilet paper for your establishment? Several factors need to be considered. For starters, how many people use your washroom per day? For medium to high traffic environments, you want a product that can be able to meet the demand, in order to reduce the frequent changes that your janitorial team would keep having to make. The quality of the paper also comes into focus. How soft is it? What of its texture? This, in addition to the strength of the paper, determines how effective it will be, and whether the bathroom visits will be fulfilling or frustrating. The Midi Jumbo Toilet Rolls are designed to meet the needs of washrooms that handle a medium to high foot traffic, and here is what you can expect from them:

Benefits Of The Midi Jumbo Toilet Rolls

1. Quality tissue

Bathroom matters are delicate, and you want to ensure that you handle them correctly. After all, after those few moments spent in the bathroom relieving yourself, you want to come out feeling fresh- not dealing with issues such as skin irritation. The soft nature of the Midi Jumbo Toilet Rolls enables you to use the tissue comfortably and with ease. That enables a pleasurable bathroom experience, whether it’s for your personal needs at home, or you’re looking for tissue for your office building, retail store or other commercial establishment. With a 57mm core size, the Midi Jumbo Toilet Rolls can be fixed on a wall mounted dispenser that has a 57mm spindle or less.

2. High quantity

With 80 per pallet, and a roll length of 250 metres, you don’t have to worry about tissue running out quickly. Each roll lasts for long, reducing the number of times that you have to change it, which further means that less maintenance is needed. The sheets themselves are also large, clocking in at 125mm x 86mm. On average, people use 8.6 toilet sheets per bathroom session. Doing the math, it comes to around 57 sheets a day per person. Hence, for medium to high traffic bathrooms, the design of the Midi Jumbo Toilet Rolls ensures that you have sufficient supply as needed. The large size of the Midi Jumbo Toilet Rolls also comes in handy to reduce toilet paper theft. This is a major concern in commercial establishments, with visitors to the washrooms hiding the newly installed toilet paper rolls under their sweater, in their handbags or even suitcases. The bulk size of Midi Jumbo Toilet Rolls will discourage that from happening.

3. Absorbent material

You don’t want paper that keeps breaking down as you carry out your business. The Midi Jumbo Toilet Rolls have a high wet strength, which is a measure of the amount of dry strength retained when the paper is completely saturated with water. This enhances the absorbent capabilities of the tissue, enabling it to retain the rippled shape even when it’s wet.

4. 2-ply

With tissue, more layers means more thickness, which means more strength. The 2 ply Midi Jumbo Toilet Rolls come with the strength needed to fulfil their mandate. Clocking 16gsm per ply, the tissue is able to retain its texture, allowing for comfortable use.

5. Budget friendly

You get all this without straining your budget, thanks to the affordable price that has been set. What's more, the Midi Jumbo Toilet Rolls come in bulk, 6 rolls per case and a pallet has 80, allowing you to get the pack size that suits your establishment's needs. The long 250m roll length allows each roll to last for long, further bringing you more savings due to the reduce frequency of replacements.

Midi Jumbo Toilet Rolls

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