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Mini Jumbo Toilet Paper 150 M

  • High quality 2 PLY Irish manufactured mini jumbo toilet rolls

  • Manufactured from pure and recycled white paper materials

  • 150 M , 76 MM core, compatible with all mini jumbo dispensers

  • Sold in packs of 12 rolls | each sheet conveniently perforate 

  • Highly popular with health care facilities, schools, offices, pubs, etc

  • Much better quality than similar products available online

  • Using a mini jumbo toilet roll is cheaper and cost effective

  • It is compatible with standard dispensers and electric ones

  • Next day delivery guaranteed anywhere in Ireland (Republic)

Mini Jumbo Toilet Paper 150 M | Why Use It

Our mini jumbo toilet paper is a superior type of toilet paper, much thicker, much softer and much better prices. One of the very few types of toilet paper manufactured locally. Using a mini jumbo toilet roll makes a lot of financial sense if you are using a lot of toilet paper on a daily basis. The rolls are very compact and are compatible with all standard and sensor operated dispensers. Unlike the standard toilet rolls that are left around and are likely to be wasted, mini jumbo toilet rolls will be used with a dispenser and a limited amount of paper will be released at once. It makes a lot of sense for any commercial user. Buying larger quantities of toilet paper can save you a good bit of money.

Mini Jumbo Toilet Paper 150 M | Where To Use It

Due to its size, we recommend our mini jumbo rolls to the commercial market only. Fitting a larger dispenser in a small residential toilet might not always be an option. Our mini jumbo toilet rolls are highly popular with schools, GYMs, pubs, restaurants, healthcare, offices & industrial use. In a 12 roll pack you will be supplied with over 900 meters of toilet paper. The compactly packaged pack is easy to store and the rolls can usually be exchanged within a few seconds. 

Mini Jumbo Toilet Paper 150 M | How To Use

We recommend that you invest in a mini jumbo dispenser with a locking system. Having your mini jumbo toilet roll inside a dispenser will prevent overuse and theft as well. Our mini jumbos toilet rolls have a 76 mm hard core that makes it compatible with mini jumbo dispensers that take small & large core toilet rolls. Using a sensor operated dispenser is also a great idea that will save you a lot of money over time. Assuming that you are using a Dolphin mini jumbo dispenser (the most popular type) , use the top key that came with the dispenser, open the top of the dispenser by pressing hard, place the mini jumbo roll in and close the dispenser front cover. Make sure to de-glue the first sheet of toilet paper so the users can easily pull it. 

Mini Jumbo Toilet Paper 150 M | Pure & Recycled Toilet Paper

We use a premium quality type of mini jumbo toilet paper manufactured from pure pulp paper and also recycled paper. The product feels special and our customers love it. There are a number of 1 PLY mini jumbo toilet rolls available on the market but it is not up to our customer requirements. We can guarantee top quality toilet paper and super fast delivery times. We also sell a wide range of Z fold hand towels 1 PLY and 2 PLY, white and blue center feed cleaning paper and other products manufactured locally. We can offer you great prices when you are ordering bulk. Call us for our bulk prices. 

Mini Jumbo Toilet Paper 150 M



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